Initial D Arcade Machine For Sale| Racing Arcade Machines

Initial D Arcade Machine  Specification:

  • Name:32 inch coin operated racing car machine
  • Size:155*111*215cm
  • Voltage:110/220v
  • Power:400w
  • Cabinet material:Metal+plastic

How to play IInitial D Arcade Machine:

  • Insert Coins or tokens
  • Select your favorite car and scene 
  • Control the steering wheel and brake just like the real car

Why The Initial D Car Racing Game Machine Are Famous All The Time?

Initial D5/ D8 Racing Game Machine Introduction

The fifth racing game Initial D adapted from the popular comic has added a new runaway mode and new track. The initial D5 racing game was designed based on the D4 design. The game is still produced by Sega LINDBERGH. The game screen performance is further improved, and the operation is also innovatively improved too. Players can experience a completely different feeling in the new game.

The initial D5 racing game was transformed on the basis of D4. The game screen has been further enhanced. 5 new cars were added. 31 kinds of cars are available for players to choose. The upgrade system allows players to increase their freedom again. Several new tracks are added for players. Bring more excitement, this racing game is deeply loved by the majority of people.

  • The popular Sega racing games adapted from the classic comics
  • The new game was designed based on the D4 racing game. The game is still made of the popular Sega headquarters board LINDBERGH. The game screen performance is further developed, and the operation sense is also updated accordingly. Players can experience a completely different ride feeling in the new game.
  • 5 different kinds of new cars and 31 racing cars were added. Bring players with a high freedom of upgrade system. Car fans can’t wait to love it!
  • Add a new game mode Motor Racing Clan. In addition to continuing the traditional classic mode, a new mode Racing Race Clan is also added. This mode can be used for national competition and time races. The game can meet with local competitions and county competitions, province Competitions, national competitions, etc. The new mode will definitely promote the communication of car fans and be loved by car fans!
  • The data of Initial D4 can continue to be used in the D5 racing games. In terms of memory card inheritance, the memory card of Initial D4 can still be used in the D5. Unfortunately, due to the new card database of D4 upgrade, the original version of the D4 memory card can not be used. Individual faces and more new clothes can be chosen in the D5 games. The new mountain road and new opponents will bring more challenges to the players in the game! The new Initial D5 is waiting players to challenge the all racing enthusiasts!
  • Conquer the mountain Road circuit, the Long Tail is composed by multiple narrow corners. The track is located in Hakone, Kanagawa, overlooking Mount Fuji. It a popular place for technical drivers.
  • New characters and are on the stage, and old players are waiting! With new cars, new modes and new tracks, new characters will also be on the stage to meet the needs of players. There is a mysterious and powerful line of defense Team 246 and a second line of defense R T Yingtong S V team. Let’s overcome each difficulty together!


Initial D5/D8 Gameplay

The initial D5 explored a tire consumption system, and its gameplay have become more mature. This game play process can be divided into the following levels.

  • Instant play method: Instant play method means braking with empty oil and air brake after entering the corner and then sliding to exit the corner and then add the oil. Since brake and throttle are not in the same period, it is called intermittent.
  • Non-Stop Play Method: Non-stop play method means braking after entering the corner and continuing to press the brake until the center of the bend is passed and the brake is directly released to give oil to the corner. Since the brakes and accelerators always operate during cornering operations, which one is called “uninterrupted”.
  • Shadowless Feet: Shadowless Feet refers to the playing method that the car quickly stepped on and released the accelerator after braking on the straight to make the car drift around the corner and maintain the cornering speed. There are two branching methods: constantly add oil at low corners speed and add oil quickly in high corners speed. Shadowless fee is name from the constant rapid oil filling during cornering operations.
  • EG (Early Gas): EG technique is based on the non-stop play method, drifts the car out of the corner before braking and adding oil. Since the oil is given earlier in the cornering operation than in the old version, it is called Early Gas.
  • GC technique (Gas Cancel): GC technique is based non-stop play method step on the accelerator in the braking process to keep the car drifting in the corner. There are many operational branches derived from GC play, such as loose brake GC, tread brake GC, full oil GC, and half oil GC. It is called Gas Cancel because of the action of the brake chasing the accelerator during cornering operation is similar to D4’s BC (Brake Cancel).
  • Semi-oil technique: Semi-oil technique is a new play style combines the dynamics of EG and GC to keep the car drifting when entering or exiting a corner. The code speed change during cornering is natural: abandon the uninterrupted, and return to the instant play method. The car’s cornering dynamics include both the GC technique’s entry drift and the EG technique’s exit drift.

The initial D5/D8 cornering skills

  • Try to follow the best route: outside-inside-outside running method. When the car is close to the corner, it turns a little bit outwards. When pass the center of the corner, it is close to the inside. And when exit the corner, it is close to the outside.
  • When drifting, turn on the steering wheel when entering the corner. Let the car drive to the center of corner, then step on the accelerator, and adjust the direction accordingly. Drifting is to move the car backwards by the center of gravity of the car. Normally the front of the car will be close to the inside when exiting a corner. When you watch other people’s drifting videos, you will see the direction of the wheels of the car during the drifting process, outward and not inward from time to time. But the drifting skill need to practice more, find more sense, and be able to have accurate judgment of the car at high speeds.
  • The basic principle of the gearbox is that the low gear with high torque is easy to control. And the high gear with fast speed i