2022 Best Interative table Restaurant made in china|High Quality interactive floor projector for sale


  • Projector * 1 set
  • Infrared capture sensor 1 *
  • Customized remote control game server * 1 set
  • Projector bracket * 1 set
  • 10m USB extension cable * 1
  • Audio * 1 set
  • 10m HDMI cable * 1
  • Wireless mouse and keyboard * 1 set


When people enter the projected image range, they can directly interact with the virtual scene projected on the ground. The interactive effect will produce corresponding water wave changes with the walking track, allowing people to enter a wonderful world of virtual and real integration, truth and illusion. 
When walking across the ground, interact with the images on the ground, and the system randomly switches different interfaces according to the setting of time.
Interative table Restaurant

What is interactive wall projection

  • Interactive wall projection is to project art video onto the wall of the building. The use of different screen conversions produces shocking effects beyond imagination. It is a perfect combination of imaginative images and buildings.

    It takes the outer wall of the whole building as the screen. And through the advanced projection technology, it interprets a breathtaking visual feast. The changing light and shadow effects create a perfect visual effect.

    It can make people appreciate the process by visual misplacement. The images on the building surface seem to be separated from the body of the building and suspended in the air can give people a shocking visual enjoyment.

Interactive wall projection introduce

  • New play way with the strong sense of technology. Wall interactive projection system display method is very scarce in a certain city or a certain region. It can attract a wide audience of all ages and income groups to stop and watch. It can maintain a high popularity for a long time. At the same time, it can also shock the publicity theme of customers.

  • The Interactive wall projection adopts a large-scale engineering interactive wall projection system, and can also be combined with a cool laser, the displayed picture is very huge. In order to better express the theme, the huge wall outside the building is projected to create a dynamic picture with a strong sense of three-dimensionality.

Social background

  • Nowadays, with the accelerating pace of life, the monotony of people’s life and work tends to be more serious. For the development of the commercial value of colors and actions that permeate all aspects of life, we encounter the embarrassment of aesthetic fatigue and too strong passivity.

    For example, traditional hanging static advertisements and dynamic TV advertisements actively display content regardless of the viewer’s feelings, thus affecting the revenue effect of advertisements.

  • There are many ways to solve the problem. It can constantly change its style or change people’s living habits. However, the cost of investment and the pressure of maintenance are not borne by all enterprises and institutions.

  • How can we mobilize the environment in which people can participate in the most economical and extensive way and create a happy atmosphere for people?

    In recent years, with the development of multimedia technology, computer technology and telemetry technology, interactive projection is becoming one of the common interactive information display and media tools in people’s normal life. Using computer vision technology and projection display to create a fantastic and dynamic interactive experience.

How the wall interactive projection system works?

  • The operating principle of the wall interactive projection system is to capture and shoot the target image (such as the participant) through the capture device (sensor). It is then analyzed by the image analysis system to generate the motion of the captured object.

    The action data is combined with the real-time image interaction system to produce a closely integrated interaction effect between the participants and the screen.

  • The wall interactive projection system can display rich content, including pictures, text, audio and video, etc., especially various interesting interactive games. The customers can physically interact with the content in the projected image.

    Bringing an unusual mix of advertising and entertainment. It can generate a very active atmosphere, increase the technological content of the display. It also provide enterprise users with a display effect with creative content. Improve the popularity of the scene and the image of the company. Create a good publicity effect.

  • Wall interactive projection technology can organically combine the intuitive movement of the human body with the wall to create a new interactive space. It integrates rich effects, high-definition video screens and the use of a variety of graphics.

    It can easily bring exciting and fun interactive experience in any public area. Mobilize the enthusiasm of the audience to participate, and it is convenient to gather popularity. Whether it is a blue ocean or a blooming flower, you can choose at will. Viewers can experience fantastic visual effects and wonderful dynamic and interactive viewing. Engaging customers and audiences to stop and stay with interactive visuals and sounds.

What is the advantage of the interactive wall projection ?

  • Wall interactive projection technology utilizes modern optoelectronic science and display technology to achieve the best publicity benefits at the lowest cost. Improve internal attractiveness, promote consumption and re-consumption.

    The new interactive publicity allows customers to interact with the publicity content and increases the popularity of the organizer. It also deepened the understanding of the hosting company. While getting publicity, it entertained the audience and made it more humane.

Where is the interactive wall projection can be use?

  • Wall interactive projection is suitable for a wide range of exhibition venues such as technology exhibition halls, corporate exhibition halls, entertainment venues such as bars, bars, KTVs, shopping malls, hotels, new product launches, promotional activities, and weddings, square etc.