Project Description

High Quality Jewel Carnival Coin Pusher Arcade Game

Coin Pusher Arcade Game Parameter

  • Power consumption: 500W
  • Machine size: W1590mm × H2220.5mm × D1061mm

Jewel Carnival Coin Pusher Arcade Game

How To Play Coin Pusher Arcade Game

  • Invest in tokens for gems
  • Press the launch button to launch the orb-the orb pops out from the exit onto the push plate
  • The orb passes through the cylindrical area
  • Orb enters the lottery hole to get the corresponding lottery ticket
  • The orb enters the “SPIN” hole to start the screen turntable draw 6. Every 4 times the “SPIN” hole is entered, a “magic orb” will be awarded
  • When the magic beads enter the channel, the prize will be drawn on the mechanical turntable
  • All the BONUS lights are on and won the “Gem Award”