Project Description

let’s Go Island Video Shooting Game Machine


  • Size:W1220mm*D1860mm*H2260mm
  • Volume: 5m³
  • Weight:466KG
  • Player:2
  • Screen size:47‘

Game Introduction

  • Island Adventure is a shooting game full of thrills and excitement. The 42-inch high-definition screen allows players to enjoy the game while enjoying the unique scenery of the southern islands.
  • With an interesting story and a compact plot, the game tells a thrilling island expedition led by a ignorant little girl under the guidance of a dull guide. The operation of the game is simple and interesting. It not only tests the player’s shooting ability, but also tests the player’s tacit understanding. At the same time, special scenarios such as sailing, driving, and beating monsters are added to the game, making the game more fulfilling and interesting.
  • The dynamic seat is a major feature of the game. When entering different sea, land, and air adventure routes, the dynamic seat will perform various forms of dynamic performance according to different plots, bringing thrilling excitement and reality It makes the player feel as if he is on the scene.

let us go island

Game Features

  • The beautiful southern island scenery is perfectly displayed in front of you through a 42-inch high-definition screen, regardless of the island style on the land, the chasing currents on the water and the colorful colors in the water.
  • The game operation is simple and interesting. In addition to using the controller provided by the device to shoot at the dangerous elements in the screen, there are also special operations that meet the needs of the plot, such as jumping, dodge, and golfing…
  • The dynamic seat is a major feature of the game. It can not only simulate the driving effect of various vehicles in the game, but also simulate various riding feelings on the ground, water and air. Corresponding motion sensing will also be made when passing through the demo screen.
  • The establishment of the three-branch route allows you to have a different feeling every time you choose a different adventure. Each branch scene is carried by different vehicles, sea, land, and air adventures are waiting for you to participate!
  • Two-player games are more fun: In the game, when two people aim and destroy an enemy at the same time, there will be cooperation rewards or high scores. At the same time, the special operation part requires the tacit cooperation of the two to overcome difficulties together. Each level and the end of the game will also comment on the cooperation of the two participants in the game with humorous language!


  • One is a wayward girl who doesn’t understand the world, travels to the South Pacific and embarks on a journey to find herself.
  • The other is a travel guide, a careless and optimistic youth with the opposite personality.
    In the arena surrounded by ocean, archipelago, and nature, can their perfect combination escape safely?
  • And can girls help their growth in life through this expedition?

Game Levels

  • A total of 4 levels in the game


A: After the player invests in the corresponding game tokens, you can see the two circular buttons on the game console, one red and one basket, flashing continuously. At this time, the player can choose the red button of the 1st character or the blue button according to personal preference. No. 2 role of the color button. After selecting the character, the player can start playing the game.

B: During the game, the player will be attacked by the enemy, and when attacked, the health value will be reduced. So the player must shoot down the attacking enemy.

C: If there are two players, that is to choose two characters, then when two players attack an enemy at the same time, it is a combo. At this time, the health value in the bottle will continue to accumulate. When the health value in the bottle is full, Will be rewarded with health.

D: During the game, when a large monster appears, there will be a circle-shaped logo on the monster. At this time, the player needs to aim at the circle and shoot to hit the monster.

E: If you want the dynamic seat to stop dynamics, you can press the bump stop button on the console to make the seat stand still. If you want to restore the seat dynamics, you can press the bump stop button again, even if the dynamics are restored .

F: When entering a special game scene, the corresponding gameplay will be displayed on the screen to remind the player. Players need to complete tasks in order to better pass the level.

  • In scenes such as driving a sailboat, the player needs to successfully rotate the handle according to the logo in the first time to complete the task.
  • In scenes such as hitting mosquitoes with props, players need to pull the trigger to successfully knock down the monsters to complete the task.
  • In scenes such as driving, the player needs to press the button continuously, and the task can be completed when the accumulation bar reaches the designated position.

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