Project Description

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Lucky Balls

Introduction of this product:

  • 《Lucky ball》gear machine is a newly developed company Carnival lottery game machine,An indoor game designed specifically for mass entertainment machine,It has a fresh and lovely appearance,Machine stable and firm,And play easy to understand,Is the playground of the best entertainment products,It is also a good platform for leisure and entertainment between parents and children.

Features of this product:

  • The purpose of new gameplay,stimulate,Full of leisure and entertainment; An elegant design,Bright pattern、Exquisite,Tube material selection、Iron and metal、Plywood and other materials production,Steel after rust treatment,Safe and durable; In the large scale integrated circuit,Built in style,Stable working performance、reliable; In the selection of high-end lottery machine , Any ticket machines are 2 acceptable;The purpose of the game program and fine adjustable rate revenue.

Technical parameters:

  • The working voltage : 220V/110V ( According to the determined nameplate)
  • The power consumption:Minimum power:250W
  • Maximum power:350W
  • Dimensions:W780×D1180×H2500(mm) The weight:about 153 kg
  • Environment conditions:(Indoor)Temperature:-10℃ ~ +40℃Humidity:≤90%
  • Atmospheric pressure:86KPa ~ 106KPa

The installation and debugging.

  • Before the installation,Please press the list of approved components,Component assembly.
  • The use of the site must be level fastening,The place your feet on the ground to a fixed level.
  • After installation,Plug in power line switch,Check the operation of each part of the machine is normal,If there is abnormal phenomenon in time to stop and remove obstacles.

Be careful

  • The power line is not weight pressing,This will damage the wires and cause short circuits,Severe cases may cause fire.
  • While the power line from the socket when pulling,Should grab the plug and pull out,Can not seize the wires pulled out.
  • Is not directly pull the plug with wet hands.
  • Can not be forced to stretch、Twisted power line,The power cord can not be exposed to high temperature objects.
  • The power line can not easily be kicked or contact.
  • Is to use the correct voltage and fuse.

Function set button operation method: (Reference physical map)

  • Press the menu on the counter (Service) key to enter the function settings.
  • Press the switch (Test) key on the counter to select the settings key. (P01-Prsets the project increment key. The following table).
  • Press the add and subtract (Ticke Owing) key on the counter to set the project function parameter (range value increment key.
  • Set up and then press the counter on the menu (Service) key, automatically save MCU, and exit the function settings.