Armour Warrior Machine Gun Arcade Game

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Game Introduction

“Steel Warrior” is a shooting game independently developed by the game console manufacturer Ken Yanyou Electronics Co., Ltd. for more than two years. The game uses robots to fight and has various sci-fi transformers. The game process is intense and exciting, and the 3D animation effect achieves the highest clarity on the screen requirements. This game has two types of different machine views and screen sizes. This time I will introduce you to the 42-inch screen “Iron Warrior”.

Machine Features

The armored warrior is an armored game independently developed by Xi’an Kenyanyou. It has a 42-inch plasma screen, high-definition graphics, and 3D animation effects.

The appearance of the armored warrior machine simulates an armored robot, which is unique and attracts the attention of players.

Shooting game, U-shaped shooting gun has the function of launching missiles, coupled with a high-speed rotating barrel, the excitement of combat is incredible.

Fashion Appearance

This machine is mainly composed of a light box at the top, a screen in the middle, a gun console and iron rods on both sides. The machine adopts a 42-inch Changhong LCD screen with red iron rods on both sides, especially on the gun console. Heavy machine gun, high-end luxury, sound quality is also extremely shocking, the vibration generated when the machine gun is strafing, gives the player an immersive feeling. Some bullets and grenades are attached to the butt of the heavy machine gun to make it look realistic. There are two buttons on the handle of the trigger. The button on the front is used for general shooting, and the button on the top is mainly for launching missiles. It’s only used when launching the missile button. This function and button can only work when there are airplanes and missiles on the game screen.

Simple Operation

The large-scale game machine “Mecha Warrior” has simple operation steps. After inserting a coin, press the start button next to the gun to enter the game. If the player does not press the start button after inserting the coin, the game will automatically enter the game after a few seconds. When the number of coins inserted is greater than or equal to the number of coins required for the game, the interface will prompt the player to press the start key to enter the game. After entering the game, there will be an entrance animation. Players cannot skip this process. After the human scene animation ends, they will enter the game formally. At this time, multiple screen messages will appear (all movable objects in the game are shooting targets). Every time the player destroys a hitting target. The score value of the target will dynamically appear above it, telling the player how many points this shooting target will add to the player. During the game, when the target’s injury to the player reaches 50%, 70%, or 90%, the game will have an interface prompt.

Game Content

In the shooting game process, it is set in different positions, and there will be props for the player to supplement the ability and track the missile. The player hits the props, and the blood value will be restored to a certain extent. When the player reaches the BOSS at the end of each level, there will be a specific attack position, and the interface will flash to remind the player which part of the BOSS should be attacked to be effective. When the part is eliminated, the prompt interface will stop flashing and turn gray. When the total BOSS HP is less than 20 cages, the prompt interface will flash red to remind the player that the aOSS is about to be eliminated. The elimination of each BOSS means that the player has passed this level. The game will display a congratulatory interface to praise the player, and then there will be a points interface to tell the player’s accumulated score.

After the current two BOSSs are eliminated, the game will enter a level selection interface. The player chooses which game environment to enter next. The operation method is very simple. Use the gun to aim at the level you want to enter and pull the trigger. A spin-in interface appears, telling the player that the selected game level is being loaded.

How to play

After entering the level selection interface, if the player does not make any choice within 10 seconds, the game will automatically load a level for the player to continue the game. After the player has eliminated all the BOSS, if his game score is enough to be on the game leaderboard. At this time, the player’s signature interface will appear. The player can use the gun to aim and pull the trigger to select up to 5 characters from A to Z and O to 9 as their nickname, and then select OK/OK, the player’s nickname and its The score will appear in a certain position in the animation leaderboard of Clankou according to the order of size.

During the game, if the player’s blood value is zero and there are not enough coins to save in the game. The game will display a countdown prompt interface. If the player continues to cast enough coins within the countdown time, the game can still continue. If the 15-second countdown ends, if there are not enough coins, there will be an animation of the armored warrior’s side ground, then the points interface will appear, and then GAME OVER will appear, indicating that the game is over, and it will return to the DEMO animation.

During the game, if the player’s blood value is zero and there are enough coins in the game, a “continue the game” prompt interface will appear, which lasts for a few seconds, and the player can automatically continue the game without any operation. (For this option, players can only choose “Yes”, not “No”)

There are four levels in this game, namely four different scenes. As the levels progress, the difficulty of the game gradually increases. Especially when the final big boss is eliminated, it takes a lot of effort. Even so, the game brings players But there is a sense of refreshment in the excitement. The heavy machine gun on the gun control console gives the player a sense of movement.

Product Parameter

Product size: L1950*W1350*H2010MM

Power: about 400W

Application range:amusement parkFamily entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

2022 Best Machine Gun Arcade Game Made in china|Factory Price Machine Gun Arcade Game For Sale