Project Description

Manx TT Superbike Arcade For Sale|Arcade Motorcycle Game Machine


  • Machine size: W2000mm * D2500mm * H1900mm
  • Number of packing squares: 8m³
  • Weight: 350kg
  • Power: 600w
  • Number of players: 2 LCD
  • size: 42


TT Motor is a motorcycle racing simulator that summarizes the advantages of world racing.

It can be single-player to compete with the computer, or two-player online competition, the unique design of the screen, the realistic shape and the screen, let players put it down!

Manx TT Superbike Arcade For Sale|Arcade Motorcycle Game Machine

How to play:

  • Single player and machine game mode: After inserting the coin, follow the instructions on the screen, swing each option car left and right, confirm the button, and directly split the street and mountain roads. The driving mode automatically selects the gear or manual gear.
  • Two-person connection competition mode: After inserting the coin, press the confirm button at the same time to start, you must choose to proceed only, and the driving mode can be freely selected.

Installation Notes

  • After unpacking, place the main body, pedals, 1P, 2P body according to the position of the complete machine diagram, first connect the plug terminals from the front opening of the bottom box of the main body and the plug terminals of the console body firmly, and then connect the console body It can be tightened with screws in conjunction with the main body.


  • This machine is suitable for indoor use, but not for outdoor use.When the machine is properly installed, the top corner of the bottom of the machine should be lowered so that the machine is steadily placed on the ground.Do not disassemble, assemble, or move the machine at will.Before moving, you must turn off the power and unplug the power cord. The vehicle body and the host must be moved separately.The machine must be placed on a flat ground.Do not place the machine near high temperature or spark-prone equipment.Do not place debris on the machine, and the power cord must not be held down by heavy objects.Do not expose the circuit part of the machine to the outside for a long time.

Operation Matters

  • Before turning on the power, check whether the power plug and power cord are in good condition, and check whether the voltage meets the requirements of the machine.The power supply voltage must be used according to the required voltage on the back cover of the machine.Be sure to disconnect the power supply during maintenance and overhaul.Non-professionals are not allowed to overhaul the electrical control device at will.When replacing the device, please select the appropriate accessories.When unplugging the power cord, you should grab the plug and pull it out, not the wire.Do not insert or pull out the plug with wet hands, and do not stretch or twist the power cord.

Fault Handling

Fault one

The throttle and brakes have no response and are out of control:

  • The throttle and brake potentiometers are loose or damaged.
  • The transmission gear of the accelerator and brake potentiometer is loose.
  • The small card of the conversion card is loose, poor contact or damaged.
Fault two

Set the machine when the following screen appears, and there is no sense of bad contact:

  • Poor contact between the gun and the small card on the conversion card.
  • The host handle wire is in poor contact or disconnected.
  • The conversion card is faulty.
Fault three

The direction is unresponsive and uncontrolled:

  • The direction potentiometer is loose or damaged.
  • Poor contact of the dynamic small card.
  • The lead of the direction potentiometer is disconnected.
  • The small card of the conversion card is loose, poor contact or damaged.
  • The conversion card is faulty.
Fault four

The gear switch has no response, and can not advance or retreat:

  • The inner wire connection plug of the gear switch is loose or has poor contact.
  • The micro switch in the gear switch is damaged or its position shifted.
  • The conversion card is broken.

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