Mars Sortie Sniper Simulator Shooting Gun Video Game Machine|Safari Arcade Game


  • Size:W4000cm*L4000cm*H2900cm
  • Volume:9m³
  • Weight:300kg
  • Power:1500w
  • Player:4
  • Screen size:180‘
  • Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall


  • An all-in-one shooting game with themes of hunting, counter-terrorism, and zombies elimination.
  • The appearance of the gun body and the effects of the game experience are real and shocking, with a 150 inch large projection screen and high-quality audio and sound effects.
  • It can be used as indoor video game equipment as well as outdoor amusement. It has a wide range of applications. The shooting gun body has a dynamic effect and the experience is more realistic.
Safari Arcade Game For Sale|2022 Best Arcade Shooing Machine Made In China

How to play

This game has 12 scenes (8 hunting, 4 shooting),Players can choose coin, WeChat, and Alipay payment modes
Choose a game and fire 3 shots before you can enter the game.Hunting game 1 round 8 minutes Forest hunting/wetland hunting/undersea hunting/savanna/reed bushes/big hills/chase hunting/speedboat fishing Shooting game (family match between friends and family, 2-4 people can compete at the same time).

  • Anti-terrorism: You can enter the game with 54 rounds of bullets. The faster the speed, the higher the score (out of 10 points). If the hostage is hit, points will be deducted. The ranking is based on the shooting scoring champion.
  • Bullseye: You can enter the game with 40 rounds of bullets. There are 4 rounds in total. If the bullet hole is shot closer to the center point, the score will be higher (full ring 10 rings), according to the shooting score champion ranking.
  • Flying saucers: You can enter the game with 54 rounds of bullets. There are 4 rounds in order of players. Each flying saucer has 3 rounds (10 points for the first shot, 9.5 points for the second shot, and 9 points for the third shot). Shooting scoring champion ranking.
  • Intelligence shooting bottle: You can enter the game with 40 rounds of bullets, and use 40 rounds of bullets to break through the level. Every level has shooting skills waiting for you to explore, ranking according to the shooting score champion.

Game manual

  • In order to save your time, please read this manual carefully after receiving the equipment, then refer to the process operation.

Step 1: install the framework

  • First, the 10 rows of the jangdan are separated, and the four 2.7meters, and the five 3.6-meter (one of which is 3.6m is half side, the half side is installed at the end, and the installation is under the curtain). 2.7 meters for 4 feet, 5 3.6 meters for the above support, one of which is vertical installation in the middle. Fixed line and then find the manufacturer of special screw, in order to beautiful, may also matched the camouflage cloth, of three single small three camouflage cloth is used to package the one side of the curtain on both sides of the two feet, and on the top of the 3.6 m, if you want to install small camouflage cloth, before installing the framework, please put the three line frame, if not installed package is not very convenient.When installing 3.6 meters, please note that there is also a screw hole in the middle of each 3.6m. Please connect the screw to the inside, which is convenient for connecting the 3.6 in the middle.

Step 2: install camouflage cloth.

  • After a good framework installation camouflage cloth, install the camouflage cloth before you put the host to the projector line to plane, a total of three line to put in ahead of time, a manufacturer with row seat, 1 projector signal lines, a 5 m USB cable, USB cable is cameras connected to the host extension cord. The size of the camouflage cloth is a bundle, and the whole frame is surrounded by a large bundle. (the side of the shooting table is not enclosed. The smooth surface of the camouflage cloth is inside, and the net is outside). Fix with a black tie, and wrap the rack directly on top. Use a black tie strap to fix it, and use a knife or scissors to cut a small hole in a place where it needs to be fixed. When the three sides were all gathered, and then covered up with a little bundle of camouflage cloth,

Step 3: installation of the curtain.

  • The curtain is fixed on both ends with a large white bandage, up and down, up and down, and back and forth to the firing table, and then notice that the width of the left and right sides is the same.

Step 4: projector and camera installation: prepare a full set of hexagon tools.

  • The projector bracket first partly while the iron is hot on the screw in the rack, and then cast in scalable bracket in shadow instrument, then hang up the projector directly go, projector bracket iron can not have a long 20 cm. Installing a projector projector light mouth from the curtain 2 meters is the best effect, according to the different configuration, the projector installed distance will be different), installed after the projector, camera installed in the upper left corner or the upper right corner of the corner of the shooting machine.

Step 5: air pump and acoustic installation,

  • Open air pump packing after first installed on the base and brace, and also a circular muffler must be installed, installed is to open the doors of shooting machine, found there were a windpipe, the trachea is connected to the pump, connected to the pump and trachea interface, be sure to put on the pump outlet there is thread tape to tie up with water again to prevent gas leakage, or pump long-term job burn out. Installed after the air pump, open the sound packaging, there are two sound, a sound host, a stereo pair of machine, is also to open the doors of shooting machine, there is a red and a black line interface, in the sound of the host, the sound of the host and sound vice machine connection is to use a black and white line connection line, firing table can be found inside,

Step 6: boot up

  • After installing these, you can turn on the machine. After starting up, please ask the manufacturer for the debugging projection and the relevant video tutorial for focus.


  • Please close the projection with the remote control before leaving work. Otherwise, the projected light bulb will burn out, and the host of the machine should not connect to the external device and the Internet, otherwise the program will be lost. And that brings you trouble,

Operation description

  • During the game, you want to replace the new game, enter the new game by pressing the keyboard F1.
  • To view the records, please press TAB and AIT into the background to check the relevant records during the game.

Detailed description

Safari Arcade Game For Sale|2022 Best Arcade Shooing Machine Made In China

Safari Arcade Game For Sale|2022 Best Arcade Shooing Machine Made In China