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24 Seats Carousel Ride For Sale

Product Parameter:

  • Floor area: φ10.5M (including fence)
  • Height: 5.7 meters
  • Cockpit: 20 horse cabins × 1 person, 2 carriages × 2 people
  • Number of people and load: 24 people × 70kg/person=1680kg.
  • Motor voltage and power: three-phase 380V, 5.5kW
  • Total power: 7KW operation
  • Speed: 2~4 turns/min (adjustable)
  • Horse ups and downs: 20-30 times/min.
  • Equipment usage: basic fixed type.
  • Equipment weight: 5.6 tons.


  • The 24-seater carousel is a newly developed amusement machine suitable for 4 to 50 years old. The machine is novel in shape, colorful, safe and reliable, easy to operate, and interesting. It is a very popular amusement machine for teenagers and children. This product has movements such as turning, head-lifting, etc., which makes people feel like being in it. Equipped with music, colorful lights, flashing lights at night, it’s colorful and attractive.The product is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic material, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, safety, corrosion resistance and good stability. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor amusement, and is the best amusement equipment for amusement parks, youth palaces, parks, cultural palaces, resorts and large shopping malls and other densely populated places.

How to play:

  • The tourists sit on the seats and wear seat belts in the sub-cockpit. The equipment starts. At the beginning of the game, it starts slowly with music until it reaches the highest speed. The cool lights are accompanied by dynamic soundtracks and the wooden horse moves down and rotates. After the round time is up, the main board stops and the game ends.

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What Is Merry Go Round?

  • The earliest country in the world where a carousel appeared was the Byzantine Empire. The carousel at that time was powered by a steam engine, which was driven by steam to rotate. Carousel is a kind of amusement game machine. There are seats decorated as a wooden horse and moving up and down on a large rotating platform.People can ride on it. The first steam carousel appeared in Europe in the 80s around 1860. At that time, the carousel amusement equipment was mostly enjoyed by the nobles. It became an exclusive amusement project for the nobles. It was not promoted throughout Europe until the end of the last century. Later, the electric carousel, which was successfully developed in the research, was called electric horses. The emergence of electric carousels is a milestone in the history of carousel development. After several years , the carousel has been spread all over the world and has also been loved and recognized by the people of the world. The carousel has been developed for many years. It has become an immortal work of amusement products.And now there are various carousels in various playgrounds, shopping malls and other places.
  • The carousel has gorgeous decorations and glitters with brilliant lights. For children, a paradise playground is always so charming. They are happy to jump on their horses and follow the lights and music. The rotation of the disc, the ups and downs, the whirling and dancing, and the wind blowing from the ears made them scream happy and experience the feeling of running.
  • The word carousel in English came from the Spanish Carosella. Its original meaning is combat training. In fact, the Crusaders mainly used it to describe a kind of horse riding training carried out by the Turks and Arab knights in preparation for the war of the twelfth century.
  • The medieval knights were fully armed and sat on a manual circular wooden horse ring. Accompanied by bumps and undulations, they used a circle of drills to block, charge and assassinate. In this way, throughout the five dark centuries, the carousel trained several generations of knights. They fight for glory and love.
  • Until the 17th century, someone in Europe used this training method as a children’s game. This also explains why the early carousel is exactly the same as the medieval knight’s mount in appearance and design. After the arrival of the steam age in the 18th century, the knights gradually withdrew from the stage of history. But the carousel amusement facility continued to grow and develop under the impetus of the steam engine and became the iconic facility of the theme park.
  • Some people say that the carousel is a love game to witness two people who love each other. As long as two people who truly love each other sit on the carousel at the same time, the wooden horse will carry them to a perfect paradise. And their love will last forever. There are also people who say that love should be mutual. It is the courage of two walking hand in hand through a lifetime. Don’t be afraid of hardship. I personally don’t like carousel love, just like carousel, no matter how happy it is then, how sweet, he will always stop.What is left? Everyone walks on the way home alone, without anyone to accompany. Many people think that the carousel is a happy one. The meaning of the game, the carousel, is that chasing is a distance that cannot be touched by waiting. The people sitting on the carousel rotate back and forth, and can only see each other’s backs forever. The distance is so close, but they can’t be touched.

How does the merry gose round ride work (working principle)

  • The carousel mainly applies the knowledge of centrifugal force in physics. When a person rides on a wooden horse and starts to rotate, there is a centrifugal force between the person and the wooden horse.  The faster you turn, the more intuitive the feeling. There is a bit of an unstable center of gravity. This is because the centrifugal force is largely related to the speed.
  • Since the frame of reference is a non-inertial frame, it will be affected by a centripetal force directed to the center of the circle from a car that is relatively stationary. But at the same time, it will also give the car a reverse force of equal magnitude from the center of the circle to the outside, as if there is no force. The car is about to be thrown out. This force is the so-called centrifugal force.
  • The merry gose round is a typical product of the carousel-type large-scale amusement device. It is driven by a transmission mechanism to rotate the turntable around a vertical central axis. The rides on the turntable imitate horses making ups and downs at the same time. It is named after a group of rotating horses. It is equipped with a spectacular and gorgeous appearance that attracts tourists. The horses and carriages have traditional colors. And rich decoration, accompanied by music, lighting, make tourists jump up and down on horse.It is a stable and safe amusement facilities suitable for all ages. The carousel is mainly composed of a turntable, a ceiling, a Trojan horse, a driving mechanism, a transmission mechanism, and an operation console. The structure diagram is shown in Figure 1-1


Figure 1-1 Carousel

1-safety fence; 2-operation control room; 3-boom; 4 -crankshaft; 5-riding;6- bevel gear pair,cylindrical gear pair; 7-transmission

How much is a carousel?

The price of a merry-go-round generally ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of millions.

  • Carousel according to specifications:

Can be divided into: 3 seats, 6 seats, 8 seats, 12 seats, 16 seats, 24 seats, 36 seats, etc.

  • The merry-go-round is divided up according to the operation mode:

Can be divided into: upper drive carousel, lower drive carousel

  • The carousel is divided into the configuration:

Can be divided into: simple carousel, folding carousel, luxury carousel, double-layer carousel

  • The price of the carousel varies according to different specifications, different materials, different configurations, and different manufacturers. A small carousel compares to a three-person carousel, and the price is less than USD3100, and a simple carousel is generally USD7800. It’s about money. If it’s running in the upper transmission mode, the price will be twice as expensive. The luxurious merry-go-round has gorgeous decoration and good materials.
  • The price is more expensive than a simple carousel. Therefore, different specifications and different configurations are the main factors affecting the price of the carousel. Children’s amusement equipment carousel is suitable for parks, playgrounds, squares, communities, shopping malls, temple fairs and other places. It is very popular among the people, and the price of the carousel is also concerned.
  • The carousel is a highly assemble equipment. Whether equipment size, equipment material, or even carousel equipment shape, it can be individually matched according to your actual needs and customization needs. Different accessories and materials will affect the price of the carousel. Nowadays, amusement equipment manufacturers will pay attention to the quality of the equipment. High-quality equipment requires better materials. The cost of manufacturers will increase, and the price of amusement equipment sold will also increase year-on-year.