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Outdoor Luxury 12 Seat Carousel For Sale


  • Input power: 3N+PE380V/220V 50Hz
  • Maximum power: 7.5k W
  • purpose: 4 revolutions per minute
  • Running time: 1-5 minutes
  • Traveling passengers: 38 people
  • Diameter: φ12m
  • Rotation diameter: φ9.6m
  • Equipment weight: about 10T
  • Equipment height: 9.2m
  • Theoretical passenger flow: 456 people/hour
  • Equipment level: Inspection-free products


This carousel amusement machine has a novel appearance and brilliant colors. It is very popular for teenagers. After it is started, the carousel rotates at a constant speed, and the carousels of different shapes undulate up and down, giving the riders the feeling of riding the horse and galloping on the battlefield. This product is suitable for parks, playgrounds, children’s palaces, life squares, communities and other densely populated places. The main body is made of steel and the horses are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. It has the characteristics of environmental protection, safety, corrosion resistance and good stability.

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