Project Description

Mid-Night Maximum Tune 3DX game machine



Mid-Night Maximum Tune 3DX is an arcade machine produced by Bandai Namco of Japan and adapted from the comic “Mid-Night Maximum Tune” drawn by Nantong Chun.
Foreign name: Mid-Night Maximum Tune 3DX
Feature: arcade game
Type: Competition game
Principle: Modification of traditional cars

Basic content, game introduction: Compared with the previous generation,Mid-Night Maximum Tune 3DX has increased some internal significance, including new tracks and new models. Maximum Tune 3DX supports the Maximum Tune 3 video card. If you have a Maximum Tune 3 card, you can directly upgrade To Mid-Night Maximum Tune 3DX to continue to use a new track-Nagoya Line, new models: Roadster (NCEC), LancerEvolutionX (CZ4A), Impreza WRX STI (GRB) and the special addition of Fairlady Z (Z34 / Z370) Wangan in January 2009 The story of the first round of 3DX is composed of 100 levels of psp Wangan, which means that your racing performance can reach 825HP. Same as the previous version, only after the course of the “story standard style” can you get points to advance the car. If you use a 3rd generation card to switch to 3DX, you can increase your HP to 825HP after playing 180 words and knocking down 200 words from 181. If you are still unbeaten at 825HP, then the system will give a special dashboard to Midnight. Extremely fast 3DX.

Mid-Night Maximum Tune 3DX game introduction: It is an popular arcade racing video game machine, which is often seen in the game hall of large entertainment facilities.


  • Machine size: W1050mm*D1700mm*H2100mm
  • Number of packing: 4m³
  • Weight: 160kg
  • Power: 450w
  • Number of players: 1
  • Screen size: 42

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