Monster Eye 2 Arcade Arcade Shooting Games For Sale|2022 Best Video Game Machine For Sale

Monster Eye 2 Arcade Parameter

  • Size:W1107mm*D1740mm*H2100mm
  • Volume:9m³
  • Weight::700kg
  • Power:2000w
  • Player:2
  • Screen size:55‘

 Monster Eye 2 Arcade Shooting Games Description

  • The actions of the characters in the Monster Eye 2 are collected from professional actors. Dubbing, sound effects, and matching with the highest quality dynamic somatosensory technology available in the technology market at the time; the work presented by IGS has become the standard product of major entertainment brands. Monster eye 2 Technical hardware, including picture accuracy, Dynamic, somatosensory, blowing, lighting, and sound effects have been fully upgraded; 5.1CH stereo surround sound effects, feel the atmosphere of environmental changes (when the environment changes, feel the presence atmosphere), the dynamic seat shakes with the game, somatosensory detection, using the body You can feel its breath when you control the character’s actions, situational jets, and monsters roaring. Scene platform game. All 7 core components adopt the highest specifications and standards, which will bring you a higher quality entertainment experience.
monster eye 2 arcade

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