Monster Eye Video Gun Arcade Machine


  • Size:W1805mm*D2825mm*H2250mm
  • Volume:9m³
  • Weight:715kg
  • Power:1950w
  • Player:2
  • Screen size:55‘


  • The actions of the characters in the Monster Eye Arcade game are collected from professional actors. Dubbing, sound effects, and matching with the highest quality dynamic somatosensory technology that could be found in the technology market at the time; the work presented by IGS has become the standard product of major entertainment brands. The behemoth catastrophe motion-sensing gun stand, the game is like watching a movie general.Dynamic platform: The seat will shake with the game.Motion sensing: Use your body to control the character.
    Situational Jet: When the monster roars, it will feel his breath.Super Impact: Press the S button to start【Super Impact】You can use the full power of the gun.The monster catastrophe game machine has five adventure stages: Chinatown, Ocean Park, Central Station, Forest Train and a stage waiting for you to challenge
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Monster Eye Arcade Game Introduction

  • Behemoth Havoc is a new somatosensory shooting game. It uses a 55-inch large LCD screen, a somatosensory camera to detect the player’s body for somatosensory games, an air compressor running a vibrating seat and two air nozzles. Corresponding to the vibration and jet of the game situation, four full-range speakers and a subwoofer are paired with a frame with a unique monster eye shape and excellent sound and light effects, giving players an in-depth gaming experience. With exquisite 3D pictures, showing the majestic momentum of scenes and events exploding. The game also combines somatosensory gameplay with vibrating seats to mimic the tension in the game, and provides single and double game modes, allowing players to experience a dynamic movie-like and exciting and fun casual entertainment game.

Game story

  • The plot tells that Jack and Betty, a pair of friends, participated in a free luxury tour. During the journey, he was attacked by a huge monster. In the panic, two guns fell out of the suitcase in the hands of the tour guide. Then, a person who claimed to be Dr. Hunter asked the two to pick up the guns around them to fight against the monster through the video screen, so Jack and Betty embarked on an unknown adventure.

Game levels

7 adventure stages and story introduction

  • Forest Park: Jack and Betty were taken on a helicopter tour by the tour guide. When they were enjoying the high-altitude scenery, they suddenly encountered a crazy locust attack…
  • Theme Park: Jack and Betty were taken to the amusement park by the guide. When the three of them took the Ferris wheel to enjoy a leisurely afternoon, they saw huge orangutan destruction everywhere…
  • Ocean Park: Jack and Betty were taken by the guide to play in the Ocean Park. When the two of them were attracted by the marine creatures, the crab suddenly broke the viewing glass. When the tourists panicked, the protagonist accepted the doctor’s instructions and picked it up. The gun started a series of adventures….
  • Chinatown: Jack and Betty were taken to Chinatown by a tour guide. When they were attracted by a scorpion vendor, the tour guide encountered a huge scorpion sprang from the ground…
  • Forest train: A group of people got on the train, but when the tour started, the tour guide fell off the train, life or death is uncertain…
  • Central Station: Jack and Betty, who are alone, continue their adventurous journey to find a way to escape in the Central Station, which is raged and destroyed by the behemoths.
  • Adam City: The last group of people finally fled to Adam City, driving a car to meet the doctor, but the huge lizard chased after the world, and the final battle was about to begin.

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