Project Description

Sega Operation Ghost shooting arcade game


  • Size:W1500mm*D2050mm*H2250mm
  • Volume:5m³
  • Weight:150kg
  • Power:300w
  • Player:2
  • Screen size:55‘


The full-color LED lights and new system RTO (Real-time Tactical Command) is easy to operate, start coin insert, choosing the gun, and then gradually select the corresponding options according to the situation, you can play.

When fighting with “G.H.O.S.T” (Operation Ghost) in the game, RTO (Real Time Order) can be used. The process of the game will change due to your instructions. This is a new system used in shooting games.

Game strategy:
1. First of all, the RTO (real-time tactical Oder) system of the game needs to be more familiar with it. RTO: Instantly judge the battle situation and make combat instructions.
2. Second, to determine the action of the boss, there are four levels are described below:
Level 1: He will use a dagger to make a powerful attack: throwing Knife Attack then close attack with Large Dagger , after dodge the above attack, the BOSS will have a bigger flaw. Players need concentrate on dodging the BOSS attack.
Level 2 : equipped with large shields which ordinary people can’t use to protect their body, and use Gatling guns to attack troublesome enemies. Like Grenade attack, then Gatling machine gun attack. Firstly shoot his shield while avoiding the enemy’s attack, aim to destroy the shield!
Level 3: armored vehicles can shuttle between cargo at high speed and launch various attacks on players . Boss armored car collision attack => grenade launcher attack=> enemy attack=> enemy attack from the bridge=>enemy armored car collision attack=>confrontation with BOSS armored car
Level 4: machine gun attack=>rocket attack aimed at the enemy’s weak points . Continuous injury is the key point.

Operation Ghost Shooting Video Arcade Game Machine

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