Project Description

Paradise Lost Shooting Video Game Machine


  • Size: W1350mm*D2700mm*H2220mm
  • Volume: 5m³
  • Weight:240KG
  • Power:480W
  • Player:2
  • Screen size:55‘

Paradise lost features:

The game operation is very easy, sweep the aliens, but don’t hurt other soldiers.

  • After selecting the gun, drop coins in the corresponding dropper, and then press the START button.
  • Choose STORY mode to start from the beginning; or CHAPTER mode to choose the starting level. You can disable chapter mode in the OPERATOR MENU, please refer to Chapter 11 Game Adjustments Menu.
  •  In the base, shoot the aliens with guns, grenades, flamethrowers or rockets!
  • Do not shoot other soldiers, it will reduce your health!
  • Shoot at the weapons and medicine cabinets that appear to increase your ammunition and health. Pay attention to obtaining fuel for weapons and flamethrowers for specific purposes.
  • When your game is about to end, a countdown will appear on the screen. To continue, insert a coin in the coin acceptor next to you, and then press the START button.

How to play adult alien shooting game machine:

  • After inserting the coin, press Start to build, select the level and start the game;
  • Trigger, fire bullets, the trigger can be fired continuously in a few seconds;
  • Red round button: The function depends on which weapon is used in the game, there are grenades and rockets; the default is grenades;
  • Yellow square button: This button is a flamethrower.
Paradise Lost shooting video game machine

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