Project Description

Pop The Lock Game Arcade Redemption Machine


  • Unlock is simple game with abundant reward, stylish appearance, shining lights, suitable for players at all ages. JP prize will be obtained if only you hit 50 yellow dots!
Pop The Lock Arcade Ticket Games

Pop The Lock Arcade Ticket Games


  • Press the button when the red pointer goes to the yellow dot.
  • The more yellow dots you hit, the more lottery you obtain.
  • Hit 50 yellow dots to unlock the Jackpot.


Setting Description

Instruction on setting:

  • Button{SET}: Go to the Setting Menu
  • Button{UP}{DOWN}:Use to move the cursor, as the below picture shown


  • Button{UP}{DOWN}:Use to increase or decrease the value, as the below picture shown


  • Button{Service}:Use for confirmation, as the below picture shown


Setting Menu:


  • Game setting: Use to enter the game settings menu;
  • Device Debugging: Use to enter IO device debug menu;
  • Accounts: Enter the account menu;
  • Exit: Exit the setting menu;

Game Settings:


  • Coins: the number of coins to play a game;
  • Sound setting: 100-5;
  • Game Difficulty: The difficulty of the game will affect the number of JP lottery, the more difficult the game is, the more lottery you obtain, and the faster the game speed is;
  • Hit _ point, out of gifts: set the gift ratio;
  • Clear run-time value: clear the remaining coins and due lottery in the game;
  • Factory Reset: restore the factory value and all data  will recover to the initial status;
  • Save: save the above modified data;
  • Exit: Return to the Setting Menu;

Device debugging:


  • Coin test: insert coins then the coin image will change colors;
  • Key test: button image will change colors;
  • Gift test: get a gift;
  • Exit: Return to the Setting Menu



  • Clear the current : That is to say, all the data is cleared to zero;
  • Exit: Return to the Setting Menu

Clean up the dirt

  • Do not use organic solvent to clean the dirt, such as alcohol and acetone. Organic solvents can cause material loss.
  • Do not use alkaline or acidic cleaner.
  • To keep the LCD protection glass clean, and soak the soft cloth in the cold or warm water(40 degrees Celsius or lower), then dry it and wipe along the direction of the grooves gently. If you find stubborn dirt, please clean with neutral cleaner dilution water(2-3% of detergent).

Simple troubleshooting

  • Regularly check the gift box, and if the gift is insufficient, please supply in time.
  • In order to prevent electric shock accidents and other damages, and prevent damage of machines and circuit, must shut off the power switch before unpacking operations.

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