Dino Pusher quarter pusher game for sale

quarter pusher game

Technical Specifications

  • Size:W1700*D600*H2300mm

  • Net Weight:300KG

  • Power:600

  • Player:2

  • Coin operation:Side throw

  • Operation mode:Inner loop – capatible for card reader

  • Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

How To Play

  • Insert the token, press the button. Coin fall into the basket,get the tickets.

  • Tokens also will be fall into the panel and will be pull down.

  • Once it pull down the green bonus, you can get it.

  • The tickets according to the number of green bonus.

Product description:

  • Three themed appearances of dinosaur, clown and space are optional;

  • The gameplay is novel, and additional winning functions are added to enrich the game content and make it more attractive.

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