Wonder Player quarter pusher machine

quarter pusher machine

Technical Specifications

  • Size:Φ1600*H2620mm

  • Net Weight:320KG

  • Power:450W

  • Player:6

  • Coin operation:Side throw – coin drop directly

  • Operation mode:Outside loop

  • Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

How To Play

  • Insert coins to start games;

  • The coins will go through the prize area. If the bonus chasing light stops in the BONUS area, you will win the BONUS;

  • The coin meter will count the points for the coins and dispense tickets.

Product description:

  • Hardware chassis, classic carnival style, suitable for drainage at the door;

  • Simple and direct gameplay: The player directly insert the token from the upper part at the right time, the token falls into the lower coin tray, and the player can clearly see the whole process.

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