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Initial D Stage 5 Racing Arcade Games For Sale


  • Don’t touch any place without marked. Touch not marked place may lead to the danger of electric shock or short circuit.


  • When opening and closing the chassis or the time, make sure you don’t let the hand or fingers touch anywhere possible with high voltage electricity


  • When you enter a test mode, some coin and auxiliary data has been deleted.
  • After determining the installation position, considering the environmental permit conditions, to adjust to the best effect of sound.
  • Adjust the coin setting to make the game can be carried out smoothly.
  • The use of test execution and data check TEST key and SERVICE key periodical. When the game machine has been installed or when has the
  • coin or when the game machine is not working properly, you can debug according to this chapter illustrate.
  • Following introduces different solutions problems test steps and the screen.

This game uses LINDBERGH RED EX game board and DVD driver. In the system, we can have a very fun game, and this game again with the loading in the DVD in the game completely different. Because of using the LINDBERGH RED EX board and DVD driver, test mode of the game there are two:

  • SYSTEM TEST MODE (including coin setting), this model is in order to make this product can use this system.
  • GAME TEST MODE, such as input and output test device specific game difficulty adjustment and the game.

Game machine installation:

  • determine the display is normal
  • ensure that all input device appears in the input test picture
  • to ensure the output device all appear in the output test picture

Periodic maintenance:

  • check the settings
  • tests for each input device
  • test each output device

The control problem:

  • in the input device setup screen check each input set
  • adjust each input device
  • if the problem persists, check each input device


  • In the monitoring adjustment check picture, please check and ensure the detector has the correct calibration.

IC plate:

  • The display screen test signal
  • speaker test

The date of inspection:

  • Check and adjust the difficulty of the game play time
  • Switch part and a coin box
  • In the test mode, the coin on the switch can be controlled. Open the coin, there’s a switch unit.(from left to right): test key service key sound control switch The test button: determining the test mode, in the test mode, is confirmed all the settings button.
  • Service key: without increasing the detector in the case of the coin can enter.
  • Voice: the voice control switch knob control, to the left is the transfer of small, turn right is.
  • The coin box
  • We put the coin box is opened with a special key, we found the coin box.

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