Project Description

Razing Storm Arcade Games|Target Shooting Arcade Game For Sale


  • Size:W2200mm*D1650mm*H2300mm
  • Volume:5m³
  • Weight:200kg
  • Power:300w
  • Player:2
  • Screen size:55‘

Razing Storm Arcade Description

“Razing Storm” created by NAMCO is an original light gun shooting game with a high-firepower machine gun as the theme. It uses the same pedal avoidance system as “Resolve Crisis” and adds many new elements compared to other shooting games.

The light equipment of the game, this work uses more powerful machine gun artillery, and in the game level not only encounters soldiers in heavy armor, but also encounters a large number of huge mechanized enemies, and most of the buildings and decorations in the game scene Pinjun will continue to be destroyed under the player’s strong firepower, so players will experience a more intense destruction pleasure in this game than in “Resolving Crisis”.

Razing Storm Arcade

Razing Storm Arcade Game Features:

  • This game uses the System357 substrate based on the PS3 console. The picture is extremely fine. The huge enemies and the destroyed objects are made very detailed. In addition, this game uses the HAVOC engine. The physical reaction generated during destruction is very real, and the game is smart. Artificial intelligence makes the enemy very cunning.
  • Not only does it have a fast attack rhythm, but it is also good at moving shooting and mutual cover attacks. Players can use the shield cover when stepping on the pedal to avoid enemy attacks. You will also get rockets and missiles during the game. Powerful weapons to fight the enemy. Special attention is paid to the sound effect hardware of this cabinet adopts DTS-certified surround sound technology.
  • Players will get the greatest restoration of various environmental sound effects such as guns and explosions in fierce battles, allowing players to be physically present. A super cool experience on the battlefield!

 Razing Storm Arcade Instructions

  • First press the start button, and start the game on the side where the start button is pressed. The start button on the left is red, and the start button on the right is blue. You can also participate midway. Enter the game and step on the pedal to attack the place where you can shoot in this state.
  • Leave the pedal defense and hide behind the shield in this state. It is not attacked by the enemy, and can replenish the ammunition of the weapon by leaving the pedal. If the game reaches a certain number of points, it will be automatically converted to a weapon other than a machine gun. During the conversion, the weapon is displayed on the screen. The sight zone appears before the enemy launches a hit, and if the sight zone glows, the hit bullet will be fired. The performance in the game is scored according to the score. The higher the score, the better the score.

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