Project Description

Razing Storm Gun Shooting Game Machine

Quick Details

Type Razing storm gun shooting Simulator 
Voltage 220V/110V
Power 300W
Machine Size W1550*D1800*H2250MM
Wood Packing W1650*D1900*H2350MM
MOQ 1 Piece
Light Metal+plastic
Material  Metal+plastic
Player 2 Players
Payment 30% deposit and 70% balance before delivery
Warranty 12 months
Where To Use 

 Amusement center ,game center,shopping center, holiday resorts,theme parks, etc 

How to play

1.Insert coin and press start button to enter.
2.After killed a group of zombies, the elevator opens. Destroy the red box on the right side wall to prevent the elevator to close.
3.Killed all zombies, walk forward and turn right, into branch road. Before killing out all zombies, the elevator will be forced closed. Then you need to go back to choose original road.

“Razing Storm” created by NAMCO is an original light gun shooting game with a high-firepower machine gun as the theme. It uses the same pedal avoidance system as “Resolve Crisis” and adds many new elements compared to other shooting games. The light equipment of the game, this work uses more powerful machine gun artillery, and in the game level not only encounters soldiers in heavy armor, but also encounters a large number of huge mechanized enemies, and most of the buildings and decorations in the game scene Pinjun will continue to be destroyed under the player’s strong firepower, so players will experience a more intense destruction pleasure in this game than in “Resolving Crisis”.

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