Mini Ride On train For Kids

Name: Castle train

Type: Ride On train For Kids

Number of passengers: 2

Equipment weight: 65kg

Rated power: 130W

Main material: FRP

Floor area: 2.16 long × Width 1.3 × 1.37M high

Game time: adjustable coin number and time

Power: 230W

Castle train small amusement park equipment is widely used in parks, supermarkets, scenic spots, communities, amusement places, kindergartens and other places.

Mini Track Train Kiddie Ride Mini Track Train Kiddie Ride For Sale


The rail train runs around the castle, and the simulation steering wheel can be moved, which adds gorgeous visual effects and more fun to the journey.

Fine workmanship, excellent material selection, fine and smooth FRP material, shiny outside, solid inside and strong wear resistance

Simulation track, dazzle led gem lamp, 2 seats, with music after power on, light conversion and flashing~

Smooth and delicate car

The three-dimensional decorative 3D pattern of the body is exquisite and comparable to the appearance, reflecting the high-grade taste

It can be used for 2 children at the same time;

Adjustable coin number and time.

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