Jeep Chase Mini Track Train Theme Park


Input voltage: 220v-380
Output voltage: 24V
Current: 34a
Motor: 4 * 30W
Total power: 1500W
Track specification: Ф 750*1450cm
Light: led24v * 0.6w/only
Running direction: clockwise
Weight: 1000kg
Transportation cubic meter: 20m ³
Carriage specification: L200 * W85 * h120cm

How To Play

1 car at the front, 1 coal car, 2 passenger carriages, and 1 tail car;
One battery pack;
Excluding: fence, operating room.


Production cycle: 30 days;
Installation cycle: 1 day;
Inspection level: inspection-free;
Design service life: 10 years;
Theoretical passenger flow: 288 people/hour;
Site conditions: normal traffic road or square, walking slope ≤ 5 degrees.

Detailed Images

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What are the small amuement train ride type large-scale amusement facilities? And what are their common movement characteristics?

  • Common large-scale amusement facilities small trains are including electric-driven small train and internal combustion engine-driven small train. Their common movement feature is that the vehicles run on the track fixed on the ground.
  • Electric train is a typical product of small train type large amusement facilities. The electric circuit rail provides power to the motor in the carriage through the conductive device, and the transmission device drives the head of the small train to run on the track.The connector is used to connect each carriage to drive the entire train to run.The running speed is not more than 10 km/hr,and there is a brake device. When the small train is approaching the platform, it will slow down and stop at the platform to pick up and drop off passengers under the control of the detection device.
  • Transmission mode: electric motor→transmission device→wheel→small train operation. The structure diagram is shown in Figure 1-15.

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1—rail; 2—wheel; 3—carriage; 4—carriage connector;5—transmission device; 6—conducting device Figure 1-15  Small train

What are the characteristics of the structure and movement of the internal combustion engine-driven small train?

  • The internal combustion engine-driven small train is a typical product of large amusement facilities small train. Its power source is internal combustion engine,provided by diesel engine or gasoline engine, etc., equipped with synchronous generator, and then rely on traction motor and mechanical transmission to drive the train. At present, this kind of transmission is generally mostly adopted in simulation train, as this motion form can satisfy the desire to ride the real train. The structure of the internal combustion engine-driven train is similar to that of the electric-driven train. The main difference is that the driving power is an internal combustion engine, the track is not electrified and does not require a conductive device.