Hydraulic Aircraft Rides Amusement Park For Sale


  • Crew Rider: 16 person
  • Height: 3.5m
  • Running Time: Setting
  • Application range:amusement park、playground、theme park、game center

2022 Best Rides Amusement Park For Sale|Factory PriceRides Amusement Park For Sale

How To Play

  • The self-control plane is a self-control plane amusement machine developed by our company, which integrates the form of rotation and lift motion. It has the characteristics of excellent performance, simple operation and reliability. It will also attract many tourists with its novel and beautiful shape, gorgeous and charming lantern decoration, and realistic and exciting air combat sound effects. It is suitable for parks, amusement parks, youth palaces and other units, and is an excellent investment choice for amusement facilities.

2022 Best Rides Amusement Park Made In China|Factory Price Rides Amusement Park For Sale