Bouncing Hippopotamus Self Control Ride


Capacity: 24 (12) people

Rotation speed: ≤1.9m/s

Equipment height: 3m

Rated power: 10kW

Power supply: 380V

Rotation diameter: Φ7.2m

Covered area: 10m×9m

Machine weight: 4 tons

Theoretical passenger capacity: 192PPH

Equipment level: Exempt from inspection

The design service life of the whole machine is 15 years

Application range:amusement park、playground、theme park.

2023 Best Amusement Park Rides Self Control Made In China

Poduct Description

The bouncing hippopotamus series belongs to the inspection-free small equipment. When the equipment is running, the cockpit is lifted to a certain height after the airbag is inflated, and then rotates. During the rotation process, the rollers under the support arm pass the springboard with a slow front and a steep rear, and the cockpit is further raised and then falls down quickly. Due to the compressibility of the airbag, the cockpit is bumped up and down.


1. The mobile equipment has its own structural foundation and does not need a fixed foundation for installation.

2. High-pressure steel wire lined with air bag, safe and durable.

2023 Best Self Control Plane Ride Made In China