Bounty Range Shooting Game Arcade Machine

In Bounty Ranger, players will play the role of two bounty rangers Leopard and Catwoman who holds a gun. The tree catches the wanted man in exchange for a bounty!


  • Size:W1595mm*D2240mm*H2780mm
  • Volume:7m³
  • Weight:560kg
  • Power:1800w
  • Player:2
  • Screen size:55‘

Game Description

The bounty ranger received an order and learned that the Rhino Foreman was in a small western town and was oppressing cheap labor to build illegal buildings, so he went to capture the black Foreman-Rhino.
At the beginning of the journey, the Foreman Rhino just walked out from the entrance of the tavern, and the two protagonists quickly jumped into the carriage and chased forward…
But they found that Foreman Rhino was powerful and his younger brothers were countless. The player had to put up a lot of strength to catch the Foreman Blackheart Arrested!

The bounty ranger came to the desert filled with yellow sand. Many years ago, this place was a forest.
At this time, it was a desert. It turned out that the gorilla had already cut down all the forest here! The bounty ranger in this trip is to capture the gorilla.
Who knows, there are many bandits on the way to the gorilla’s lair. The gorilla has invented flying armor and a powerful flamethrower. Can the player successfully capture the gorilla?

The two protagonists receive an order from Shuangsha in the mine and go to capture the bull and sandworm. The two bullies acted in a mess. The bulls used strong explosives to blast the mountains, and the sandworms used ground-digging skills and pickaxes to dig tunnels to mine ore.

The two had been digging here for a long time, and the surrounding environment was deteriorating. The villagers complained about this. In this mine, the bounty ranger will cut through the thorns and thorns in the deep underground tunnel.

Unexpectedly, he threw out the bottom hole while riding the minecart. The protagonist realized that he was already in the nest of the two evil spirits in the mine. Shuangsha has been sharpened! !

The bounty ranger gained fame after capturing the black foreman, the logging madman, and the double evil of the mine.

At this time, the two protagonists received a huge wanted order: go to the world tree, defeat the selfish golden eagle, obtain the seeds of the world tree, and return the small town of Huangsha to green. For peace and love, and of course for bounty! Bounty Ranger will embark on the journey again!

bounty range shooting game arcade machine

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