Polar Adventure is an innovative children’s entertainment machine that features a new simulation of shooting technology. It exclusively pioneers the use of this technology to mimic the real thrill of firing a gun.

The game offers cool, selectable scenes with different experiential effects, making it suitable for children’s entertainment venues.

The machine provides a two-player shooting experience that’s full of vibration and dynamic movement, combined with 3D game characters, kinetic and sound special effects, and scoring points for passing levels, all contributing to a highly entertaining experience.

Shooting video arcade games now include Polar Adventure, a novel game that brings simulated shooting technology and excitement to kids’ entertainment spaces.

shooting video arcade games


Size 2070*1340*2160mm
Power 250

Application range:

amusement parkFamily entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

How To Play

In shooting video arcade games:

1.After inserting coins, players press the “Start” button to begin the game.

2.Players use the gun to select their desired theme scene by shooting at it.

3.Once the game starts, players aim at and actively attack monsters to earn corresponding points.

4.Successfully defeating the scene’s Boss allows players to pass the level and choose another scene to play in, with four thematic scenes available for gameplay.