Project Description

2 Player Coin Operated Live Rounds Redemption Carnival Lottery Game Machine


Size: D4100*W2500*H2500mm

Weight: 550KG


Live Rounds

How To Play:

  • Insert coins to start the game. Press the button to select “Single Player Mode” or “Linked Game Mode”, then the corresponding button on light. When the “Unlinked Game Mode” is selected, the penal will reflect as game waiting to start. When you choose “Linked Type Game Mode”, the penal will reflect as waiting to be linked. When it is successfully enter linked type, players can enter the game synchronously. If it fails to be linked, the machine will automatically adjust to the “single-player mode” and enter the game.
  • Pull the bolt once and complete the loading of the ball;
  • Aim at the lighted or target and shoot the ball. After hitting the target, the digital penal will display the corresponding score;
  • When the total countdown of the game has not ended, if the number of bullets set in each level is fired, the shooting game cannot be continued in this level. You must wait for the total countdown of this level to an end, then enter the next level. If this happens in the second level, you must wait until the total countdown of the game to an end, then the game finishes. You need to re-insert coins, and start to play the game again.
  • In the single player mode, when people finish all the levels of the game, it will show the final score obtained in the game, and the corresponding lottery tickets will be paid;
  • In the link type mode, the game finish, the player with the highest score is determined as the winner, and the corresponding lottery tickets are paid to the winner.
  • Advantage of the redemption game machine
  • Independent research and development software
  • Computer configuration: Gigabyte motherboard/Gigabyte graphics card/SSD;
  • independently researched and developed gun M20
  • Machine structure: hardware structure + wood board