Project Description

Speed Rider 3 Motorcycle Game Arcade For Sale|2022 Best Arcade Game Machines


Machine size: W2485mm*D2121mm*H2280mm

Number of packing: 10m³

Weight: 450kg

Power: 1100w

Number of players: 2

Screen size: 42

Speed Rider 3 Motorcycle Game Arcade For Sale|2022 Best Arcade Game Machines


  • The game product adopts a realistic operation method. The product is equipped with a motorcycle frame. The player holds the handle, brake grip, and tilts the body to play or control the game flow and operation.
  • Hold the handle, rotate the right handle to make the motorcycle move forward in the game, lean forward to trigger the infrared sensor to make the car faster, and tilt the body to control the direction of the game motorcycle. The right brake handle brakes, and the left brake handle can drift and accelerate cornering. The first player vehicle to cross the finish line in the game will win.
  • The game can be played by up to four people. The special effects are gorgeous and the game is fun and simple. It is very suitable for friends, parents and couples to play together.

Game Introduction

  • A very good motorcycle racing game. In the game, motorcyclists have to perform an extreme motorcycle drag racing challenge on high speed. Players have to help him avoid other vehicles, run fast, collect as many gold coins as possible, drive as far as possible, challenge better records, friends who like drag racing games come and try!

Operation Guide

  • Operation method: the arrow keys to accelerate, the arrow keys to drive right, the arrow keys to drive left, the arrow keys to stop.
    Click “play” to start the game.

Game Goal

  • Drive a motorcycle to collect more gold coins, drive farther, and challenge better records.

Machine features:

  • Real wind pressure to enjoy the speedy fun! The somatosensory vibration is super exciting!
  • Super eye-catching gorgeous dazzling lights!
  • Support 4 people to connect.
  • The next-generation full HD screen.
  • Scan the QR code to promote your shop!
  • Virtual Asian well-known scenes!

Game content introduction:

Exterior Speed ​​Motor 3 is a brand new racing game. It uses a 42 inch large LCD screen, two full-range vibrating speakers and a subwoofer. It has a unique cool motorcycle frame with excellent sound and light effects. , For players to drive motorcycles for exciting racing games.

Speed ​​Motor 3 has exquisite 3D graphics, showing the majestic momentum of event explosion in various scenes. When the vehicle speed and nitrogen start in any game, it will be matched with the frame lights to have various lighting changes, and the vehicle speed will be matched with the front fan of the machine to simulate the wind resistance effect when driving a motorcycle.

The game combines the nitrogen acceleration function with the vehicle deformation, showing perfect and rich visual changes. The four tracks in the game reproduce the famous scene characteristics of Beijing, Shanghai, Thailand and Indonesia.

The special track in the track allows players to show a variety of motorcycle stunts and gorgeous firework special effects as a foil.

At the same time, the game provides single-player, multi-player, single-player midway challenger chaotic entry and other game modes, which allow every player to experience high-quality experience and extremely fast and exciting casual entertainment games.

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