Project Description

Amusement Park Spinning Top Rides


Rated input voltage: three-phase AC380V, 50H
Motor power: 2.2kW*2+1.5KW*2
Machine capacity: 11kW
Average speed: 0~3.8 laps/min
Running time: 3~5 minutes (divided into 3 levels)
star war amusement ride
Equipment height: 5 meters
The height between the highest point of the cockpit and the ground:1.98 meters
Land occupation diameter: φ9m (including fence)
Loading capacity: 16
Load weight: 16×70=1120 (kg);
Equipment weight: 6 tons


Star Wars is the newly developed amusement machine suitable for people from 10 to 50 years old. The machine is novel in shape, colorful, safe and reliable, easy to operate, and interesting,popular by teenagers.While the machine rotates, sways and rolls motions, players feel like flying in space. It is equipped with music and colorful lights.When the night lights are flashing,it’s so colorful and attractive. The product is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic material, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, safety, corrosion resistance and good stability. It is suitable for outdoor amusement and is the best amusement equipment for amusement parks, youth palaces, parks, cultural palaces, resorts and large shopping malls and other densely populated places.

How to play:

It’s a trill ride among inspection-free equipments. The seat is designed with backrest, which can be used by 16 visitors at a time. The equipment runs at a moderate height, which can maintain excitement and ensure safety.The use of automatic elevator stairs improves the equipment level while ensuring safety. It is dominated by yellow and black tones, with a robot with a transformer-like appearance, wearing armor and a red and blue light effect system, making the equipment have a strong sense of science fiction. The robot’s huge arms grasped the edge of the flipped seat, showing the power.