How to play

  • The coin-operated game starts automatically;
  • Use the joystick to move the crane to the seafood position you want to grab;
  • Press the button, the paw lowers the paw to grab the prize.


  • Available in four colors: red, yellow, blue, and green
  • Rotomolding luminous design

Super Box Claw Crane Game Machine For Sale|2022 Best Claw Machine Made In ChIna

Control module

  • Use the key to open the door who has the coin^nd ,you will see the control module,which can be used to set up the fuction of the machine’s well as other data.
  • Input: Record all the number of coins.
  • Voltmeter: Use to show the voltage of the claw during operation.
  • Output: Record all the number of gifts given.
  • Settings: Press this button to enter the Settings^nd use the joystick to control and set the functions.
  • Testing: Press this button and try to play it once.


This machine is a high-quality crean machine.In order to ensure normal operation,the following matters need to be noted.
  • Do not put the machine in a damp place.
  • Do not put the machine next to the combustible.
  • Do not put the machine on the inclined ground.
  • Please turn off the power when the machine needs servicing.
  • Do not refit the machine without the manufacturer’help.
  • Check and maintain the machine regularly.
  • If you need any help,Please contact manufacturer immediately.