Circus Crane Claw Machine Toy

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Size: 830*780*1930 with top 2400mm

Weight: 80Kg

Power: 100W

Voltage: 110/220V

Packaging parameters: 930*880*2030(mm)

Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

How To Play The Claw Crane Machine For Sale

1. Coin-operated payment;
2. Press the button, the crane starts to move,
3. Within a limited time, click the button and grab the gift.


The fifth-generation intelligent remote motherboard, the luxury version of the crane (stainless steel high-speed anti-shock), the luxury chassis, the export version of the special power box, the bright LED lighting, the colorful integrated joystick, and the colorful imported micro buttons. Tongli 131 brand coin slot. Upgrade Taiwan’s gameplay: stop up and pull up, claw fling mode, top delay, rise delay, there are 8 modes to choose from.
Taiwanese gameplay can be upgraded: up, stop and pull up, claw swing mode, top delay, rise delay, there are 12 modes to choose from.

Why Choose US

As the origin of the arcade games machine, China is the best choice for buying arcade claw machines. Here you can find the lowest price with best quality and get the most professional after-sales service. As a professional arcade game machine manufacturer, Yuto games has hundreds claw machines for the choice.

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