Product features

Game type of press close to life, play simple easy to understand, children are also very easy to use game; l

machines bright colors, style and pure and fresh, the modelling is unique, rich light; l

Control circuit is stable and reliable, after many years of practical use, program stability and by optimizing the process and control circuit to make the service life of the rotary table infrared double; l

Use high-quality lottery machine, adapt to the common type of lottery tickets. If you do not need the ticket-issuing function, you can set it to no ticket-issuing in the background. For details, please refer to item 7 “Background Setting Method Description”; l

Machine optional single stand-alone game or two online games at the same time;

Game setting and ticket issuing ratio can be adjusted. For details, please refer to the seventh “Background Setting Method Description”.


ticket games arcade

Specifications and technical parameters:

Machine size(D*W*H): 3120*900mm*3300mm

Packed size(D*W*H): 2250*1000*2150mm

Weight :260 kg

Voltage :AC 220V±10% ; AC 110V±10%

frequency range :50HZ/60HZ

Power :140 W(MIN) 260 W(MAX)

Application range:amusement parkFamily entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

How to play:

Insert coins and press single player or muti players button to begin.

Throw out the sandbags into the hole of different colors light.

Once keep hit the three different will win more scores.

When multiplayer the game who exceed the highest score will got bonus.

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