Project Description

Tomb Raider Shooting Video Game Machine For Game Center


Game Introduction

  • The 40-year-old action-adventure game “Tomb Raider”, the first arcade version, 120-inch screen.Contains 3 chapters, 5 types of videos and 15 levels, which are standard arcade animations.The player is equipped with a “reloadable” simulation gun. The real reloading operation allows the player to become Lola’s.4P bits. Less than 3 square.
  • At present, the “Tomb Raider 9” arcade game has been officially released, and the information of the game console is also clear, including a 120-inch screen (#SKU: TR-120-1001, height 111 inches, width 107 inches, and depth 42 inches) and 65 Two-inch screen (#SKU: TR-65-1001, 100.25 inches high, 65.90 inches wide, 54.24 inches deep). The game content is basically the same as “Tomb Raider 9”, including 3 chapters and 5 levels in total. 15 levels (some players suggest that the last chapter is missing, perhaps the trial version of the console during the movie promotion period), which is a standard arcade shooting game type, and the player is equipped with a “reloadable” plastic simulation gun .
  • The focus of this game is the experience of the new version of Lara Croft. This time, the action heroine is abandoned, and players can see the heroine in the game with a more realistic image. Due to the upgrade of the engine, this work will have better pictures than previous works, and it is the most transformative work in the “Tomb Raider” series.
  • Also note that “Tomb Raider 9” and its sequel Lara are actually re-opened. Lara from the previous 8 games does not exist in this restart story, but some players who still remember the classic Lara think that The game is a prequel to the Tomb Raider series, which is a misunderstanding of the positioning of the game. And Crystal Dynamics personally stated that the role of Laura has been completely rewritten, and it is impossible to be the same role as Laura in the first 8 parts.

Background Introduction

  • The game will tell about Laura’s first adventure. The age of the protagonist Laura Crawford is set at 21 years old. At that time, she was just a fledgling newcomer and lacked experience. With the development of the game plot, players will grow up with Laura, acquire new weapons and props, and acquire new skills. On the island of adventure, players can combine props in the camp, and some specific areas require specific props and skills to pass. The various camps on the island can be quickly teleported, and players do not need to travel long distances. In addition to Laura, there will be other characters appearing on the island.
  • The story begins with Laura when she was young. At that time, Laura had accompanied her parents in various archeological teams. After she grew up and graduated from Cambridge University, she decided to abandon those old documents and flooded with old documents. The musty library embarked on an adventure of her own, and her first adventure was accompanied by explorer and bounty hunter Conrad Rose on a scientific exploration ship “Endurance”.

Character Introduction

  • Lara Croft:Lara Croft (Lara Croft) Lara Croft is just a 21-year-old girl who just stepped out of school. At this time, she was naive and simple, full of free spirit and wild feelings. The incomprehension of her deceased father and the desire for adventure prompted Laura and her fellow classmate Samantha to board the Perseverance sailing to the ancient country of Yamatai. To
  • Conrad Roth:The captain of the Expedition Ship Conrad Roth Endurance, a symbol of wisdom and reason. Rose served in the Royal Marines assault brigade and enjoys rock climbing, hiking and exploring. The 52-year-old veteran adventurer is not only familiar with all matters of sea travel, but also has unique insights into treasure hunting adventures. He can intuitively see which talents are the best players, and the safety of the players is always his priority. Captain Ross greatly admired the British Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton and used him as an example everywhere. From Condela’s speech, we can find that he actually had a deep personal relationship with Laura’s parents. He is both Laura’s teacher and her spiritual leader.
  • Samantha Nishimura: Samantha Nishimura (Samantha Nishimura) Samantha Nishimura is an intern documentary filmmaker and a classmate who studied with Laura from boarding school to the University of London. Samantha has dual citizenships of Portugal and Japan. She is from a well-off family. She has never worried about her livelihood. She is very carefree. She is accustomed to living a luxurious life, especially for beautiful clothes. Since she is the descendant of the sun queen Mehme, Matthias tried to implant Mehme’s soul into her body to resurrect the sun queen.
  • James Whitman: James Whitman is a prestigious archaeologist and the host of the popular archaeological TV show “Whitman’s World”. With an extraordinary desire for wealth and fame, Endurance’s expedition plan is actually to prepare for the next season of “Whitman’s World”. Laura originally admired Dr. Whitman very much, but Whitman’s selfish indifference and betrayal in the process of distress on the deserted island made Laura see his true face.


  • Alex Weiss: The first electronic technician on the Alex Weiss Endurance, a 24-year-old hacker master. His hobby is to invade all kinds of websites and make changes in amusement. He also likes alien conspiracy theories and urban legends. Proficient in almost all electronic products, he is a promising genius. His talent played an important role in the process of survival on the deserted island. Without his help, Laura and others would have no way to send out a distress signal. The diary found during the adventure proves that Wes actually has a crush on Laura, and he hopes to impress Laura by helping everyone escape from the evil horse station. There is a big ESC button on the front of Wes’s clothes, which not only shows that he is a computer expert, but also implies his role in this game-Escape.
  • Joslin Reyes: Mechanic aboard Joslin Reyes (Joslin Reyes) Endurance, 42-year-old black single mother. Growing up in Queens, New York, she used to work for the New York City Police Department, but was later forced to resign because of charges of deliberately murdering a local gang leader. Reyes’ only hobby is playing with machines. Her character is as bold as her appearance, and she speaks directly and without mercy. Although Captain Rose, who has been in love with her for 15 years, always praised Laura in front of her, she didn’t seem to like Miss Clayford. Her diary found on the island can also prove this. Reyes’s greatest ideal is to save enough money to open his own repair shop, and then never separate from his daughter, Alyssa. She has always kept the secret that Alyssa’s father is actually Conrad Rose.
  • Jonah Maiava: Jonah Maiava (Jonah Maiava) Jonah is the cook on the Endurance and Laura’s friend. Like fishing, outdoor activities and developing new recipes, Laura is often jokingly called “the bird”. When Laura told everyone that the Queen’s curse would prevent everyone from leaving the island, only he and Samantha believed this. Born in New Zealand, Jonah was adopted by his grandmother living in Hawaii. After returning to China and retiring from the army, he worked as a chef in the coffee bar opened by his sister until he met Captain Rose one day. Rose saw this powerful New Zealand fat guy at a glance, so he recruited him. Because of his frank character, he is popular in the gang.
    Angus Grimaldi: Angus Grimaldi (Angus Grimaldi) is the helmsman, nicknamed Green. Among the crew, Angus is the oldest and most experienced. Angele followed Laura’s father around for many years, and then stayed with Captain Rose, saddling him.
  • Mathias: Mathias (Mathias) the villain of this work, the leader of the Brotherhood of the Sun. In 1982, Matthias made an emergency landing in the waters near the island. In the process of fleeing, he discovered the ancient Yematai ruins hidden on the island and learned that the Queen of the Sun possessed incredible magical powers. The 31 years of life on an isolated island made him crazy and paranoid. He used threats and intimidation to generalize a group of victims to form the Brotherhood of the Sun. He also built a dilapidated town outside the Queen’s site. When he knew that Samantha in the crew of the Endurance was a descendant of Himihu, he began a frenzied conspiracy of living sacrifices. Matthias firmly believes that only after completing the mission of “resurrecting Himiko” can he leave this isolated island smoothly. Although Matthias was nervous, he acted clearly and ruthlessly. If his subordinates resisted and killed him on the spot, he was a terrible opponent.