Project Description

Transformers Arcade Game Machine

How to play    

1.After enough coins are put in, START on the control-panel starts flashing, pressing START to enter the game-selection menu.
2.There are 3 levels for player to select, use the controller to move the cursor to the desired level and then pull the trigger to enter the game.
3. Use the controller to target the sight to the enemy. There are various enemies such as autobots, robots, tanks and aircraft in the game. When the green aperture appears on the enemy, shoot the enemy. At the end of each level, there will be a time-limit aperture. The enemy must be killed within the time limit; otherwise the enemy will fight back. When an enemy is killed, the corresponding score is got.
4. The powerful weapons such as machine-gun and howitzer will also appear during the game. The player should pay more attention to its use-time. At the same time, there will be 4 energy cubes in the middle of the screen. When the energy is enough, the energy cube will be lit up. The energy cube can be used by use of the arrangement in the middle of the control-panel. Push forward for attack and pull back for defense.
5. During the game, the player’s score and health will be displayed on the screen. The game is over when the health is reduced to 0.

Transformers 2


  • Brand new “Hyperenergy Tech” lever controller
  • Optimus Prime themed theatre cabinet
  • Easy to join action-packed, paced gameplay
  • 2 player fixed weapon controllers
  • Immersive 55″ Full HD screen
  • 4 exhilarating stages
  • Attractive character billboard & dual-sided marquee


  • Size:W1740*D2140*H2940mm
  • Weight:545KG
  • Power:520W