Project Description

Ultra Moto VR Racing Video Game Machine

Game Introduction

Victory Motor VR uses a VR head-mounted device and a self-developed dynamic platform, plus blowers, jet devices, etc., to create a realistic driving experience. It will also provide real-time corresponding somatosensory feedback according to different scene conditions of road undulations, vacancies, and floor lamps. Abundant track scenes, personalized car body building,

networked ranking system that keeps pace with the times, social entertainment shared by WeChat, etc., not only break through the traditional motorcycle games, but also show the broad prospects of VR motorcycle racing games , Redefines the motorcycle game.

MOTO VR Racing

Product Parameter

Machine size: W2656*D2150*H2100MM

Power: 2800W

Screen size: 2800W


Cool appearance, favorite among young people

  • Boys can’t move when they see them, and girls have to have fun when they see them!

The game is rich in content and addictive!

  • Two special scenes, 8 exciting tracks, plus 24 challenge levels. Support up to 4 people online. Competitiveness, entertainment, excitement, everything is there.

Put on VR glasses and “get into the show” in one second

  • Enter the world of super-realistic racing in 1 second. The sense of weightlessness and speed are stimulating every pore of yours all the time, bringing a new and unique feeling to your senses.

Create exclusive vehicles to meet individual needs

  • Free racing DIY system: models, accessories and appearances are all available. Players can freely build their own exclusive vehicles. Greatly increase game playability.

Special safety system to escort players

  • Victory motorcycle VR exclusive security system. When the player leaves the seat and removes the pedal, the dynamic system will stop immediately, protecting the player’s safety to the maximum.

Self-help play, reduce the sense of distance and labor costs

  • Most of the VR simulation game equipment requires the help of waiters to help wear VR glasses or prompt the game. Victory Motors can be easily operated without repeated guidance from the waiter. The game is designed with simple and easy-to-understand teaching. Players can easily wear VR glasses by themselves according to the instructions, and then quickly enter a pleasant game experience, reducing the attendant commentary. The long process has also saved labor costs for the site.

Online ranking, through the upgrade system, improve player stickiness

  • The new network synchronization technology can support real-time battles between four people, and the online ranking makes the game more challenging, competitive and entertaining. Players can also upgrade through the game to get modified parts. The higher the degree of car body modification, the stronger the ability, which greatly increases the stickiness of the player’s game.

Automatic statistics of earnings data, easy operation and management

  • The multi-functional earnings data statistics system automatically counts earnings data daily, and automatically summarizes and analyzes data monthly. The total operating data is clear and clear, which can better help unattended venues and greatly reduce operating and management costs.

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