Project Description

Six Art Shots Virtual Reality Games For Sale

Six Art Shots Virtual Reality Games For Sale


  • Product Name: Shot of Six Arts
  • Computer host: 1
  • ViewSonic projector: 2
  • Product Category: Suction Cup Archery
  • Rated voltage: 220V
  • Rated power: 3kw
  • Amplifier speaker: 1 set
  • Product material: hardware + acrylic
  • Carrying number: 1-6 people
  • Product size: 5*4*2.8
  • Wooden board: 3 pieces
  • Suitable places: communities, scenic spots, parks, square cinemas
  • Amplifier speaker: 1 set
  • Coin acceptor: 6
  • Game currency: 500
  • Arrow stand: 6 (3 possible)
  • Bow: 6
  • Suction cup arrows: 60
  • Fusion dongle: 1
  • Suction cup archery game dongle: 1

Game Details

  • The picture of the whole system is lifelike and dynamic, so that every shooter can feel the life and death of the battlefield and the cruelty of war.
  • The wit and courage on the hunting ground are exciting and thrilling.
  • The calm and decisiveness on the shooting range and the joy after victory have opened up a pleasing new world of leisure for tasteful archery enthusiasts, and people who have lived in the busy city for a long time find a true feeling of nature that has been long-lost.
  • The simulated wireless Decathlon bow and suction cup arrows are safe and novel and exciting. You can shoot arrows in any position and in any posture, which increases the realism of the archery process. Using a large projection screen, the player’s archery process is approximately carried out in a 1:1 ratio in the real scene, and the player is easy to indulge in the game;

Operating characteristics

  • Innovation: develop products with brand-new experience for customers, and innovate in terms of content and display appearance;
  • Entertainment: games that are more technological, artistic and interesting;
  • Benefits: Four-person console, coin-operated and lottery tickets are combined to increase venue operation revenue and attract popularity;
  • Parent-child: provide more interesting entertainment products for family entertainment, multi-person console can provide parent-child entertainment together, the preferred choice for spending happy time together;

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