Game Introduction

Product Name: “KO Happy Bear” Boxing

Number of players: 1 (NPC happy bear)

Game content: The protagonist enters the game scene, he needs to go through the scene to reach the boxing ring, there are audience cheers on the way, character simulation actions, referees, etc. In the game, players need to hit the boxing plate within the specified time, and get points to pass the level. Happy bear has various actions after being hit, allowing players to experience the fun of boxing real-sense operation.

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How to play

Game start: After inserting the coin, you will see the game promotion animation interface, and the player controls the button to confirm the start of the game.

Level setting: There are three levels in the game, the time is a countdown, the score is scored by hitting the boxing plate (the score can be accumulated to the next level), and the clearance score is set for each level. If the time does not exceed the clearance score, the game is considered to be over. Coins Then restart the game.

Game hardware: boxing disc (guiding players to hit) screen, etc.

Scores and Rewards: Scores can be increased according to the number of combos.

Product process

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Product Type: Sports, Boxing, Entertainment

Product size: 2117*1513*2490

Product power: 500W

Voltage: AC220V±5% 50HZ or

AC220V±5% 50HZ

Suitable for 3 years old and above

Scope of application: teaching, fitness, shopping malls, playgrounds, etc.

Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center.

Best Price VR Boxing Games Made In China

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Best Price VR Boxing Games Made In China