Size: 250*115*210CM

Weight: 200KG

Power: 1500W

Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center.

vr shooting game

How To Play

1. A VR game console that can fully immerse in the virtual world and integrate the essence of Call of Duty gameplay

2. A full-motion game machine with synchronized software and hardware, whether it is the turntable and the plot rotation or the prop gun in the hand, the perfect combination of motion, light and game speed, uniquely creates an immersive experience. to experience

3. Fight against the enemy and us on the beach, help the drone to fight against the horror city, and sweep the army with the potential to destroy everything. Three major battles and nine scenes of plot experience

4. A game with multiple manipulation options, the helmet can be separated from the props, the helmet can be combined with the gun, the helmet can be synchronized with the front sight, the helmet can control the visual props and the front sight can be synchronized, various gameplays and various flavors

5. The game improves the refresh rate through AI optimization, balances the co-shooting problems caused by immersion and camera transition, and strengthens the synchronization of vision and motion, so that players will not feel the dizziness of VR

6. Dolby surround output sound effects, constructing a game atmosphere that is fully substituted for tension and excitement