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Walking Robot


  • Dimension :140×110×160(CM)

  • Walking Robot Net Weight:220 KGS

  • Power supply: DC24V X 4

  • Rated Power:180W X 2

  • Walking Robot Charger input power:220V/110V

Game Features

  • Simple and easy operation makes players immediately start games after punching card area or start by remote. Equipped with a dedicated console or wireless remote control to switch from time to time, this machine greatly enhances parent-child interactive experience and brings more fun.

  • The joystick operation is flexible, simple and convenient. Only one joystick can individually control the forward and backward direction. Double-joystick operation is also supportable. 360°rotation can be easily achieved.

  • Shocking stereo surround sound system and dynamic luxurious seat and cool LED marquee bring more realistic and comfortable experiences and attract more customers’ attention.

  • Shooting interactive integral system and real human voice alarm effect (welcome to play space king, please fasten your safety belt, shoot quickly, I was hit etc.)

  • 360° PK laser sensor points and 360° non-dead angle anti-collision intelligent radar system; The radar system can be switched on and off at any time and players’ experience is more flexible and safer.

Structure Composition Function Description

  • Structure Components

Walking Robot