Why Is Outrun Racing Machine The Most Popular Racing Machine All Over The World.

Outrun Racing Game MachineIntroduction

  • Outrun racing game machine was developed and produced by Japanese SEGA company. It quickly occupied the hearts of Chinese racing fans with its beautiful and realistic scenes, and extremely simple operability. It is continuously upgraded,the track is so realistic, and there are more and more character choices,which makes it enduring.

game machine

  • The Outrun racing game machine attracts the attention of players all over the world by equipping with world-renowned Ferrari cars, beautiful and funny scene, and dynamic background music.What’s more,it’s has created a popular trend and is irresistible to players by it’s simple and refreshing operations, presenting different sceneries of different countries in the world,and combining scented cars and beauties. It can be played by single or dual-player, also can be 4 players online battles, makeing you can enjoy the immersive sports to compete with the friends online without leaving home.
  • In terms of configuration, you can choose a 29-inch CRT configuration or a 32-42-inch high-definition LCD screen.. The Outrun racing game machine is a classic simulation racing game, and the king of popularity in amusement parks and video game centers, with the highest attendance rate.

How to play?

  • The Outrun racing game machine is veryeasy to operate.You can start the game by just inserting coins.
  • There are two competition modes: Single-playermode and multi-players In single-player mode, press the single start button to enter the game.In multi-players mode, first press the connection start button from one device to enter the network-connected state. After about five seconds, then press the connection button for other machines to connect the network. (You can not press the connection start button of all machines at the same time).If the connection fails, you can continue to press the connection start button to re-enter the connected state.

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  • Downshifting, connection selection, connection activation all function together share the “Down”.

Common troubleshooting

The accelerator and brake are unresponsive and uncontrolled.

  • The accelerator and brake potentiometers are loose or damaged.
  • The transmission gear of the accelerator and brake potentiometer is loose.
  • The small card of the conversion card is loose, poor contact or damaged.

The gear position switch has no response, and the gear cannot be advanced or retreated.

  • The inner wire connection plug of the gear switch is loose or has poor contact.
  • The micro switch in the gear switch is damaged or its position shifted.
  • Bad conversion card.

The machine scene is stuck in below situation,and there is no bad contact

  • Poor contact of the small card on the conversion card.

game machine

  • The host handle wire is in poor contact or disconnected.
  • The conversion card is faulty.

The direction is unresponsive and uncontrollable

  • The direction potentiometer is loose or damaged.
  • Poor contact of the dynamic small card.
  • The lead of the direction potentiometer is broken.
  • The small card of the conversion card is loose, poor contact or damaged.
  • The conversion card is faulty.