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Headset: Dapeng VR Helmet E3
Dynamic platform: six-axis platform
Motor power: 1000w
CPU: Intel I5-6400
Motherboard: Gigabyte H110M
Graphics card: 1050TI 4G
Solid State Drive: GALAXY 240G SSD
Memory: ADATA 4G 2400
Power supply: Huntkey rated 400
Console: 42 inches


Large area, strong eye-catching ability; strong dynamic effect; strong interactive atmosphere on site;
Suitable for family and friends to play at the same time;
The number of seats can be customized; the most realistic picture display form; immersive listening enjoyment; accurate ear wind, leg sweep, shock, back poke, wind, vibration, snow, smoke, rain, lightning , aroma, flame, bubbles and other special effects;

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What is 5d cinema?

Entertainment trends

It can be seen that the interaction and participation of the audience in the movie is the biggest feature of 5D cinema that is different from the previous movies. The interactive game between the characters and the audience in the movie gives the audience a sense of mission and achievement in the movie. While interacting with the characters in the movie, there is also the competition of interactive game scores among the audience, thus revealing the impulse and desire of a considerable part of the audience to watch the same movie repeatedly. This is the unique charm of 5D cinema, and its commercial value is much higher than that of other cinemas.