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2022 Best 7D Cinema For Sale|China 7D Cinema Virtual Reality Games Manufacture


Standard 3D glasses;
CPU: Intel I5-6400
Motherboard: Gigabyte H110M
Graphics card: 1050TI 4G
Solid State Drive: GALAXY 240G SSD
Memory: ADATA 4G 2400
Power supply: Huntkey rated 400


The number of seats can be customized; the most realistic picture display form; immersive listening enjoyment; accurate ear wind, leg sweep, shock, back poke, wind, vibration, snow, smoke, rain, lightning , aroma, flame, bubbles and other special effects;

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What is 7D Cinema

The 7D interactive movie is a dynamic journey. Sound, light, shadow, water, fog, smoke, the strong shaking when the earthquake comes, the feeling of extinction when the landslide arrives, and the extraordinary technology creates an excellent experience of 7D interactive movies.

It combines the art of audio and video, through sensing, The sense of light, the use of vibration and shaking, etc. have become real, and coupled with the five-dimensional scene, the viewer is immediately introduced into it, and watching a movie has become a movie-like life experience.

7D interactive movie is an innovative project combining game entertainment and dynamic cinema technology skillfully, and it is also a brand-new concept of entertainment media industry. Its basic meaning is that the viewer can become a character in the film, intervene in the pre-set environment and plot of the film, so that the viewer can feel that he is a part of the film, and the viewer is in the film. The protagonist or one of them, and continues to interact with the content of the film.


  • The 7D interactive movie market has always been concerned by many people. 5D cinema has opened up a new situation for the movie market. In the process of the rapid development of 5D movies, it has continued to innovate. The latest technological achievement of 7D movies is a brand-new high-tech. Simulation of multiplayer battle game products.
  • With 5D environmental special effects, combined with the latest international 3D, 4D visual technology and multi-person interactive interactive technology, we creatively design a variety of amusement equipment with different themes, and simulate and virtualize the theme for each theme amusement equipment. The scenes and film and television plots are matched with special special effects seats and environmental special effects.
  • The 7D Cinema is equipped with a simulated pistol for each seat, allowing tourists to fight against the characters or monsters in the film in real time. After the game is over, the score ranking will be announced through the system statistics, and the audience will compete for results, and the one who hits the most enemies will be the winner. Victory, experience the joy and pride of completing the task and defeating the opponent. These will bring unprecedented excitement and happiness to the audience, making the audience linger, thus inducing the audience’s urge and desire to watch the show repeatedly.

2022 Best 7D Cinema For Sale|China 7D Cinema Virtual Reality Games Manufacture


  • In order to take into account the effect of the movie, the 7D interactive movie experience hall is only 30 square meters in area, and there are 6-9 auditoriums. 7D movies integrate the characteristics of 3D, 4D and 5D, bringing customers a brand new three-dimensional sense, special effects and interactive theaters. The audience can change the ending of the movie through the props in their hands, which is called “playable movie”.
  • At first glance, the 7D movie experience hall is similar to an ordinary cinema, but when you sit on this dynamic seat, you will discover the mystery. The peculiar chair will move according to the content of the film.
  • When there is a natural phenomenon in the film, the special effects equipment will also simultaneously appear natural scenes such as wind, rain, thunder, lightning, etc.
  • When there are skulls, zombies, and sharks in the film, The audience can act as the role of the film, pick up the prop gun to kill them, and perfectly integrate the sight, hearing, smell, touch and movement, so that the audience is immersed in the scene.

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The 7D interactive theater has powerful functions, that is, you can watch previous 3D, 4D and 5D movies, you can also play exciting 7D interactive movies, you can also play 3D shooting experience hall and 3D game arena, with six stores in one. You can also PK with each other, which is real and exciting. You are like the protagonist of the movie. Your every move is closely related to the progress of the movie, which makes you enjoy it.

7D film development history

  • 1D movies are early silent movies, where D has nothing to do with dimension
  • 2D movies add sound, that is, flat images.
  • 3D movies are stereoscopic, and it is a stereoscopic movie. When you wear stereoscopic glasses, a stereoscopic effect will appear.
  • 4D movies are added to the feeling, and some special effects are added on the basis of 3D. For example, if there is vibration in the movie, the seat will also vibrate.
  • 5D movies add interaction, add dynamic seats and environmental special effects on the basis of 3D stereo effects, 5D cinema allows the audience to achieve the most powerful sense of realism from the aspects of hearing, vision and touch, as if they are in the film.
  • The 7D movie is a dynamic journey. Sound, light, shadow, water, fog, smoke, strong shaking when an earthquake comes, the feeling of extinction when a landslide hits, and otherworldly technology create an excellent experience in 7D interactive movies.