As we all know the after sales service is very important part in business, but do you know what kind of contents and methods should suppliers to provide to customers? In the previous FAQ we have talk about the professional service standard of after sales service! Today, we will go into more detail about what exactly is included, let’s check more details together!

It will be divided into below 4 parts:

1 Normal online service content and methods

(1)For General problems: we will provide the solutions directly within 24 hours, such as standard installation instruction. Normally the instruction will be combined with pictures or videos

(2)Other problems: When the problem cannot be solved at one time, it will need customers to do further troubleshooting according to our instruction. Then we will find out the reason and offer the solutions. Wewill provide troubleshooting instructions similar to the following.

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2 Online video call support

When accuracy of your operation need to be confirmed, after further troubleshooting does not find specific problems, the machine enters the site but the machine debugging problem cannot be solved, etc., then it needs to be resolved through video call. The online video call process is generally as follows:

  1. Confirm the issues of each game machine which have to solves
  2. Confirm the video call time and make an appointment in advance
  3. During the video call process, two people are generally required to be present on customer side, one of them is responsible for holding the mobile phone, so that we can see the operation more clearly.
  4. In order to better solve the problem for you, after the online video call, we will also provide corresponding pictures and video instructions to assist you in solving the problems.

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3.Remote control Support

In addition to the above two ways, there is another very important way, we can help our customers to solve some problems of the following products through remote control, such as: VR, card management system, projection, etc. Please check the details in below one by one

  1. Appointment of remote time
  2. Make sure the computer network are all available
  3. Need to install remote APP in advance to make the process more efficiency
  4. Will need your cooperation in front of the computer when during the remote

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4 On-site Technical Support Service

During the provision of on-site technical services , the following costs need to be borne by your company

  1. Need you to provide/arrange meals and accommodation for our technicians
  2. Travel expenses visa, transportation expenses.
  3. The door-to-door service fee is charged on a daily basis (starting from departure and ending when the technology returns to the postal place),which will be charged based on per day and per man.

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Tips: Due to the impact of the epidemic since 2020, on-site technical support services need double check if can be provided.

I believe that through the video in today, you have learned what kind of after-sales contents and methods that we will provide. If you have any questions, please contact us freely.