When the client received the game machines. There are still some important points need to take care. So for this part we will focus on the Goods Receiving & Daily Maintenance. It is require the customers follow with the steps one by one. So the whole process will be more efficiency.

When the container arrived or when you pick up in the port:

Once the goods is shipped out, the suppliers have to provide all shipping documents, goods receiving instructions and user manual to customers; After the goods received, there are six key points to help the customers to work on the machines more efficiency, let’s check it one by one:

Step 1: Customers need to check package status and quantity first when the container arrived or pick up from the port. It is included the below parts:

  • Pay attention to whether the container has an unusual door opening problem;
  • Whether the quantity is correct, if it’s not equal as the packing list, please  contact with the suppliers immediately. Feedback the actual quantity with pictures and videos.
  • Whether the outer packaging is damaged, if yes, please take pictures of the damage part send to the suppliers immediately.
  • Whether the soft package inside the wooden frame is complete.

The Most Importance Preventative Maintenance Steps For Arcade

Step 2: How to disassemble the wooden frame package?

  • Remove the top cover first.
  • Remove the support stand rod.
  • Check and release the bottom fixation.
  • For the soft package part,please pull up the film firstly, in case there are any scratch on the appearance of machines when disassemble.

The Most Importance Preventative Maintenance Steps For Arcade

Step 3: Check accessories and manuals

  1. please check the manual,key and cable, then keep them well for installation.
  2. please check accessories inside the machine, and keep them well, normally the spare parts is for replacement in future.

The Most Importance Preventative Maintenance Steps For Arcade

Step 4: Machine assembly and placement

  • Customers must be according to the manual to do the installation.
  • Have to make sure the machines are put on flat floor.
  • Setting