How To Control The Arcade Joystick To Win The Arcade Game Machine?

In a comprehensive game hall, there are various kinds of game machines, such as classic arcade game machines, sports game machine(basketball game machine typical one),video game machine,redemption game machine, claw machine,music game machine, electronic dart machine,etc..

If you want to play the game machines well, should be proficient in the skills of using game console joysticks. There are many skills to learn, and you will feel comfortable when playing games with good skills. Here are a few skills that everyone should be familiar with.


  • Real grip style: Just like grabbing an egg, tilt the back of your hand slightly to the left.This is a very firm grip. Even if the machine is shaken, it is not easy to get slippy. Many beginners use this method to play(I don’t deny that some masters also use this method). By this way they get best use of their strength, and can be quite fun even though there’s quite noisy. But the boss will be very unhappy, and it is difficult to find the correct buttons or operatethe game flexibly and quickly!
  • Middle finger and ring finger grip style: hold it like holding a glass of wine.Since these two fingers are not that strong, this way of grabbing is as firm as the first way. There are two fingers pressed on the iron rod, and there are also two underneath, which can touch the four arrow keys very strongly.No matter it is to push semicircle, forward and downward, or finger jumpting, it is all very powerful. However, because the middle finger and the ring finger are the two most difficult fingers to separate, it is easy to wear out the skin of the hand due to the excessive intensity of the rocker, which also limits the flexibility. There is also possible that fingers slipping off because of being too intense.
  • Index finger and middle finger grip style:The palm of the hand is upwards and the iron rod is sandwiched between the index finger and the middle finger.One finger underneath and three fingers on the top to hold the ball in the palm of my hand.This kind of grip is relatively strong, but it’s far less stronger than the above ways. This grip can be very powerful for finger jumping. Three fingers under the iron rod,makes it won’t get slippy off even when fingers keep jumping. However, due to the problem of the hand shape, it is easy to jump up when making a move quickly, and if it is faster, it will be a little stiff.
  • The ring finger and little finger grip style: Similar to the previous one.The upper three fingers can accurately make the iron rod touch the back, down, and front three directions. The little finger can be separated from the ring finger very well without much force.This is a very loose grip method, which can be very accurate control the joystick to input commands such as kill, and it is also easy to touch the “up” direction slightly to generate commands such as “small jumps”. Many people may use it without knowing that this is the reason. But because of the loose grip, it’s easy to accidentally slippy off when it’s too intense, It’s not easy to control the angle of the jump with just a little finger underneath.
  • Freestyle:Very rare.Recommend that beginners use the second type.In the first method, the grasp is very firm and feel at ease. Easy to control even when fingers are jumping around. You can use the third method when when there are combo-kill.The above are just suggestions,the important thing is to find the kind that suits you.

Note: Do not use too much force with the joystick

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