Game Console Hardware configuration

  • H2+16G, cost-effective machines (Pandora’s box)
  • MAX, Pandora’s box 9S, Pandora’s box 11). Although these machines have the same configuration, there are also differences in software, such as archive, favorites, search, home machine switch , USB handle supports 4 people and other functions. The current prices are about USD50-61USD.
  • H3+32G, increased capacity, more games, and the same functions as the first one, (Pandora’s boxPLUS, Pandora’s box12. The current price is around USD58-USD66
  • RK3328+16G, the configuration is similar to H3. At present, it is mainly used for 3H. The representative model is Pandora DX. The function is also more comprehensive. It supports U disk expansion games (here must be games in the supported directory, many modifications Version, the revised version is not acceptable) is that the price is a bit more expensive and needs to be about USD68-USD80.

2022 Most Popular Pandora's Box Arcade Game Console|Pandora Box Arcade Game List

  • S812+64G, a machine with more comprehensive functions (Pandora 3Dwifi, Pandora Treasure, Pandora Key, etc.)
  • The types of emulators supported by this machine are relatively comprehensive. PSP, PS, N64, DC, FC, SFC, MD, GBA, GBC, PCE and other games are supported.There are tens of thousands of games in the market, remove the built-in Of the 4018 game console, about 6000 can be downloaded. But there are some shortcomings, such as PS, PSP, game save is not perfect, 3D performance is still limited. The market downloads are limited to 500 times and so on. The price of this machine is around USD86-USD92.
  • S912+80G, performance machine (Pandora Gaming Box Deluxe Edition), this machine features some arcade machines that support NAOMI2 and PGM2 games (Three Kingdoms 3, Monkey2, King of Fighters 11, Soul of the Blade, Sharpshooter Bing), NAOMI2 can be searched on the internet. The configuration of this machine is currently the best on the market, and it supports more 3D games. Just put the ROM on the USB and you can play. The disadvantage is that it does not support extended 2D games. The crash of Three Kingdoms Fighter 3 that some players reported has also been repaired. As well as Three Kingdoms 3 and Monkey2, hidden characters can be used. The price of this machine is around USD90-USD110, which is a bit more expensive than the fourth model.

System and software

  • Low-end machines are generally Linux systems. The games are fixed, download games cannot be added, and most of them cannot be archived. At present, the Pandora’sBox has an archive function.
  • Mid-to-high-end machines are all Android systems.You can download and install games. It can be said that downloading games is very convenient. It can also be archived in function, game classification, automatic bursting, adjustment of image quality effects, etc.
  • Resolution and picture quality
  • This is a misunderstanding that many players are most likely to fall into, thinking that all games on a 1080P machine are 1080P. In fact, anyone with a bit of basic knowledge can think of it. These are all nostalgic games more than 20 years ago. At that time, the resolution of the game was not high. The current domestic technology only adds filters to the simulator to improve the display effect. It is useful for improving the resolution. Don’t think about such things. The current machines that support 1080P will have better effects when playing 3D games. There is not much difference between playing arcade and 720P.
  • The current Linux version of the machine supports resolutions such as 640*480, 800*600, 1280*720, etc. Android basically has a fixed resolution of 720P (Pandora 3D WiFi) and 1080P (Pandora Gaming Box Deluxe Edition).

Materials and accessories

  • At present, there are two mainstream materials, one is all-iron 76CM, and the other is 65CM with steel case and acrylic panel. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on personal preference. By default, the joystick buttons are basically Baolong and Mingda joysticks, and Baolian buttons. And Sanhe brand is the best.

2022 Most Popular Pandora's Box Arcade Game Console|Pandora Box Arcade Game List