Introduction to Tekken TT2

  • “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ” is a sequel to the “Tekken Tag Tournament” series  and it’s selling point is two-person team battles. In this game machine, the “red blood system” that can increase the character’s attack power still exists. As long as certain conditions are met, you can make your partner appear in a “red blood state”. In addition, according to different character combinations, the difficulty of launching the “red blood state” will be slightly different, and a specific combination will have a specific victory performance.
  • In “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 “, you can also launch a “TAG” attack when breaking the wall or floor to switch the stage. And the effect of TAG casting caused by different character combinations will change. In the combo, you can also replace the character to continue the pursuit, hit the opponent to the wall/floor, destroy and so on.
  • “Tekken Tag Tournament 2” also added a new system, the character blood tank will become cyan and red, red is the recoverable blood volume, and cyan is the current blood volume, which can be restored by replacing the player. But in some special circumstances, such as adding a TAG substitution attack to the amplification, the cyan and red blood will be deducted together, that is, the real blood and the recoverable blood will be deducted together. Another teammate can slowly reply when changing.

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How to play Tekken TT2

  • The operation of Tekken is to use the joystick to perform [move] and [defense], and then use the four buttons corresponding to the character’s limbs to perform [attack]. The TAG button is used to perform [role substitution] with a partner, or combined with other buttons to perform a special [TAG trick].
  • Left fist (LP)
  • Right fist (RP)
  • Left kick (LK)
  • Right kick (RK)

Basic rules of the game

  • lWin condition 1
  • As long as the opponent’s physical strength is exhausted, the victory will be achieved.

lWin condition 2

  • Outside the specified time, the average value of 2 people will be calculated, and the side with the higher number will win.Even if one of the teammates remains at full physical strength, as long as one character is knocked out, it will be a failure, so please make good use of the character replacement.

The nature of the attack

The upper-range attack:

  • There are many high-speed tricks with less gaps, and they can often be used to contain the opponent.
  • Except for the gap after the opponent’s attack or counterattack, it is not easy to hit.2022 Best Arcade Machine Made In China|Factory Price Arcade Game Machine For Sale
  • Although there are many easy-to-use tricks in the upper attack, there will be a big gap once the opponent squats to dodge.
  • For squatting opponents, it can’t be hit, so pay attention.

The Mid-rangeattack:

  • It is very effective for opponents who collapse and squat. There are also many important attack skills.
  • Most characters are very fast to activate, even if they are defended, they will not show a large gap.
  • Even if it is a late mid-range attack, as long as the opponent takes the upper-range attack, it can hit.
  • The attack method that can collapse and squat defense is only the middle attack.

The bottom-rangeattack:

  • Although it is very effective for standing opponents, there are many tricks that will reveal a large gap after being defended.
  • For opponents who insist on standing defense, attack the foot part to collapse the opponent’s defense.
  • According to the different tricks, squatting while dodge while attacking the upper range may make a hit.
  • There are many lower attacks in low postures, and there are also [half-squatting] postures that can dodge the opponent’s upper attacks.

Cast tricks

  • Although it is impossible to defend, as long as the opponent squats to dodge, a very large gap will be exposed.
  • Press the corresponding buttons at the same time to use the basic casting tricks common to all characters.
  • As long as you press the corresponding button when you are caught again, you can touch the opponent’s throw.
  • Although there is no defense, as long as the corresponding button is smoothly pressed at the moment of being caught, the crisis can be resolved.

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Rear-end attack:

  • The attack that pursues the opponent’s lateral movement.
  • Straight line attacks are easily dodged by opponents with lateral movement.
  • When the opponent uses lateral movement, the rear-end attack is very effective.
  • A special white effect appears when using a rear-end attack.

Jumping tricks:

  • Skillful tricks that can attack the opponent while dodge the opponent’s next attack.
  • If you use jumping tricks, you can attack at the same time while avoiding the opponent’s lower attack.
  • Although it can dodge general throwing tricks, it will lose to aerial throwing.
  • In the jumping trick, there are many first moves in a row. If you guess the opponent’s chance, the opponent will be greatly hurt.


  • Indefensible trick is a powerful trick, but most of them are slow tricks.
  • When the body shines, it is a signal of the indefensible attack.
  • Depending on the role, there are special defenses like “poison fog” that cannot be attacked.
  • When the opponent’s body is not able to use the defense, the opponent’s body will start to glow, so pay more attention to it when you see the opponent’s body.

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Summary of attacks

  • In the attack, the middle stage, the lower stage, and the throwing to break through the opponent’s defense are the basic stage attacks, which are the most effective for containment and opportunistic counterattacks!
  • To deal with the opponent’s lateral movement, use [rear-end attack]
  • Even under unfavorable conditions, the [half-squatting tricks] that can dodge the upper attack and the [jumping tricks] that can dodge the lower attack are worth a try!

Summary of attacks

  • In the attack, the middle range, the bottom range, and the throwing to break through the opponent’s defense are the basic stage attacks, which are the most effective for containment and opportunistic counterattacks!
  • To deal with the opponent’s lateral movement, use [rear-end attack]
  • Even under unfavorable conditions, the [half-squatting tricks] that can dodge the upper attack and the [jumping tricks] that can dodge the lower attack are worth a try!

Means of defense

  • Standing defense: blocking the opponent’s upper and middle attacks
  • Lateral movement: the action to dodge the opponent’s linear attack.
  • Downward dialing: The action of cleverly removing the opponent’s lower attack.
  • Half-squat defense: block the opponent’s lower attack action.

Summary of defense

  • Use standing defense for the upper and middle attacks, and half defense for the lower attacks. Most of the time, after the defense is successful, you can shoot first than the opponent, and you can switch from defense to attack.
  • When you successfully dodge the opponent’s attack by moving laterally or sprinting backward, the opponent will show a large gap. At this time, a full counterattack is very important!
  • The lower stage dial is very effective for the opponent’s lower stage continuous attack or the lower stage attack without gaps!

The difference between Tekken TT2 and Tekken 6

  • Tekken TT2 can be regarded as a two-player version of BR, and on the basis of all the character moves and systems of BR,
  • Tekken TT2 was born, with two-player TAG combos, two-player TAG casting skills, teammates support, etc.

The difference in software

  • Simplification of the game interface
  • Optimized processing on the network

The difference in hardware

  • Changes in the operating system
  • Changes in the game engine.The changes in the characters retain all the characters of bR. All the old characters and the characters of the previous generations have returned without adding any new characters. The tricks are more balanced, and the character performance has changed.

The difference in game content

  • Tekken TT series: TT and TT2 have no main storyline, just put the characters of the past dynasties together.
  • You can choose to play in groups of two, and you can switch characters at any time during the battle.TKTT2 is the latest work in the Tekken series and it is worth playing. Tekken 6 is the sixth main line work in the Tekken series. It has a plot, but the plot of the fighting game is basically ignored.

Tekken TT2 game operation skills

  • The operation of Tekken is to use the joystick to move and defend, and then use the four buttons corresponding to the character’s limbs to attack. Through 8 buttons, to achieve unlimited combos and tricks.
  • The TAG button is used to perform [role replacement] with a partner, or to use a special [TAG skill] in conjunction with other buttons.
  • TAG combo: an aerial combo derived from attack substitutions and partner substitutions. It has the effect of greatly reducing the opponent’s possible health.
  • TAG Crit: A series of tricks used by two partners. Although it can inflict great damage on the opponent, there is no way to reduce the possible health value.

Basic movements to get up

  •  Roll back and forth:After falling to the ground, press forward or backward, roll forward or backward and then get up. The advantage is that you can quickly pull away or get close to the opponent, but it should be noted that during the rolling process, it can be attacked and even floated, so If your back is against the wall, it’s best not to roll back, because rolling can’t go far. Rolling forward may be useful for newcomers and can disrupt the opponent’s thinking, but rolling forward for veterans is basically a death.
  • Roll up left and right:Press 1 after falling to the ground, or hold down and press 1, you can roll in the left and right directions. It is mainly used to avoid some straight-line attacks on the other side. It is equivalent to the horizontal movement after lying on the ground. Can successfully dodge the opponent’s attack, and even have a good chance of attacking or floating in the air. If the opponent likes to attack blindly, it is easy to suffer at this time. In addition, you can also roll back and stay on the ground and not get up. All you need is Just keep holding the direction.
  • Get up directly:After falling to the ground, directly press the direction up or down (you can get up from the same position when you press it). This is one of the fastest ways to get up. It can avoid rolling on the ground because of time. Too long and be attacked by the opponent, but if the opponent gets up directly at close range, it is easy to be suppressed by the opponent. Therefore, the timing of getting up is very important. Generally, the opponent guesses that you will roll back, and then attack you to roll back. , And you happen to not move so you didn’t hit the move, or you hit the move and were hit by the opponent’s attack. It’s better to get up directly in this gap.
  • Attack and stand up:After falling to the ground, press 3 or 4, you can make a middle or lower attack and get up, but after being defended, you can be surely counterattacked, and once you hit the air, the possibility of being floated is very high. Many people fall on the opponent’s side. Behind the ground deliberately rush forward, entice the opponent to get up and kick, then retreat sharply to let the opponent’s tricks fail, and then make a powerful blow, so you must be very cautious when making moves.

Advanced action to get up

  • Receiving the body from left to right:When you fall to the ground, press 1 (2) or 3 (4) quickly to move horizontally to the left and right and get up quickly. Compared with rolling up, it is faster. If the other party caused you to fall because of a floating connection error After you fell to the ground, you still confiscated your moves and continue to attack. You can often go around behind or to the side of the opponent to make a strong counterattack. In addition, when the opponent is suppressed in the corner or in a low position, many people will also attack the wall. Choose to accept the body to leave an unfavorable angle. It should be noted that you must enter the command at the moment of falling to the ground to successfully accept the body. There is invincible time for the moment of receiving the body, but don’t expect too much, it is really only a moment, the other party If the prediction is accurate, you will still be hit by some large-scale attacks. In addition, the victim is in a squatting state, so you can’t move for a moment, and you must be careful that the opponent budgets you to accept the body and then use the defensive skills.
  • The carp hits very well:After receiving a partial blow and flying attack, your character will stand up with a carp hitting the back immediately before it hits the ground. This action is determined by the attack, and it is a mid-stage attack that avoids the upper stage. If the opponent wants to use front, front, front 3, etc. If you continue to suppress you, you will probably be beaten by the carp, but if your opponent rushes to suppress it, you should get up honestly. Because you have to type in the moment you are down, your pre-reading ability is very demanding. High, and some tricks will become a definite combo if you don’t use carp to get up quickly in the future.

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  • Roll back quickly:It’s similar to carp hitting. After receiving a partial blow and flying attack, you can quickly roll back and get up after being pulled on the ground for an instant. Because the rolling speed is very fast, it is basically impossible for the opponent to attack you at this time, so it is a very safe way to get up. But if there is a wall behind it, some tricks will become a definite combo if you don’t have to roll back quickly and get up quickly.
  • Fly up:Face the opponent with the head facing the ground and the feet facing the opponent with the back to the ground. When you roll back and forth, you can jump up to 1+2 before the input. If you missed it, it seems to add a frame by yourself, and is generally used to deal with opponents chasing from a long distance.
  • Jump and kick up:The action is similar to a carp hitting, with the feet facing the opponent’s back to the ground, after inputting 3+4, it will make a long-distance bounce, which is more powerful than swooping, but the flaws are also greater, and some people will do it after kicking. Turn your back to your opponent, you need to pay attention.
  • Containment kick:With the feet facing the opponent’s back to the ground, enter 4 or 3 to kick a low-powered lower segment very close. It can only be used to contain it. After hitting, you are still at a small disadvantage. Defensive can be floated. It’s good only for emergency situations, such as when the opponent and you have only a little blood.
  • Other:Some special characters have special stand-up skills, such as Maduk, Panda, Doragunov, etc., so you need to pay attention to using them.

Several states of falling on the ground:

To hit someone, you must first be beaten, get up, and first fall to the ground. Basically, you have four positions when you fall on the ground: face your opponent to the ground or your back to the ground, and your feet face your opponent to the ground or your back to the ground. The difference between this posture is actually very big.

  • Head to the opponent and face the ground:This is a very dangerous posture, because when the opponent makes an attack on the ground, your upper body is judged to be attacked. That is to say, many moves can hit you, and you can get up and attack in this posture. It is very slow, and the vulnerability of the defense is also very large. If you are not careful, you will be floated by the opponent. So it is best to not try to fight back if you fall to the ground in this posture, otherwise you may die even more miserably. The best way is to spot Opportunity to roll away or roll up. It should be noted that if you stand up directly, it is easy to be floated by the opponent’s small mid-section. However, there are a few special characters who have the ability to get up, which makes this state very advantageous. The attacker is special. What needs to be careful is that Maduk’s posture can use the next level of skills to create opportunities for opponents to float in the air.
  • Head to the opponent and back to the ground:Relatively speaking, it is stronger than the previous posture, because the speed of getting up and attacking is faster, and even if you are defended, you will not be floated in the air, so the opponent will probably adopt the method to lure you into the move, so it is safe to see the opportunity and roll away. , But it’s still easy to be chased by the opponent if you trade and roll. This posture is more difficult to be floated in the air. Also, be careful if the place is a panda.
  • The foot faces the opponent:It’s not easy to be chased, but it’s slow to get up and attack and it’s very flawed. It’s not recommended. If you roll back, apart from having a long-distance fast rush into the middle, it’s not easy to chase, but if the attacker is a corpse husband, you need to be careful , Rolling back is easy to cause a crash, and when you roll back, your back is facing your opponent, so be careful that your opponent rushes forward to make a back shot. If it is Doragunov, it should be easier to get up.
  • Feet facing the opponent’s back to the ground:A relatively safe way to fall to the ground, there are various ways to get up. If the opponent has not already had an offensive advantage before you fall to the ground, then this downed position can be said to be the safest to stand up directly. The disadvantage is that you can roll back or not move. It may be caused to float up front, it is more advantageous to just get up or roll before making changes.

Combination technique activation method:

  • The combo technique is to press the TAG key while using the collapsed ground normally, the replaced sub-character will do 2-4 moves depending on the situation, and then switch back to the main character to continue the combo. I have never used Lily and Asuka, but I have seen them. For example, Lily’s df2 df1 df3+4 1+2B! T! Asuka has to watch the video by herself, and then Lily’s df3+4 3+4. When Lily is a vice character, it’s d3+4.

Tekken TT2 game receiver operation skills

  • Reception is the action of reacting instantly to avoid falling to the ground and getting up immediately when being pushed away by an opponent’s attack. The trick is to just input the right button before falling to the ground.
  • Turn your body horizontally:Press the button before falling to the Play ground.It is also useful to use the body to reduce the injury of the casting tactics.Please use it when you really want to get up right away, because there are special throwing tricks to deal with horizontal turning.Advantages of horizontal turning and receiving body: Because it is to get up while avoiding attacks, it is a safer way to get up in principleDisadvantages of turning and receiving the body: But it takes a long time to recover to a movable state, so it is easy to be attacked by the opponent
  • Roll back:Can get up after a long distance with the opponent.You will be hit by your opponent during the backflip.It is better to use it when you want to extend the distance from the opponent. If you use it near the opponent, it is easy to be chased by the opponent.Advantages of back-rolling body: you can get up while pulling the distance between you and your opponent.Disadvantages of back-rolling: There are gaps during and after the back-rolling, and once the opponent sees through it, it will fall into a crisis.
  • The carpfalling:Carp falling with attack judgment.But if the attack fails, there will be gaps.It is especially effective when it is close to the opponent. It does not matter even if it is defended. However, if the attack fails, there will be a gap.The advantage of carp falling is to stand up while attacking the opponent with kicks.The disadvantages of carp falling is that the attack range is short, and the gap will be exposed if the attack miss.
  • Substitution:Press the TAG button before falling to the ground.Swap with partners while rolling back.Use this trick as soon as possible before falling to the ground, but the partner being changed is in a defenseless state, so please use it when you keep a certain distance from your opponent or when your opponent has a gap.Advantages of substitution: you can exchange with your partner while receiving.Disadvantages of substitutions: the partner who appears at this time is defenseless and easy to be attacked.