How To Keep Your Arcade Game Machine With Best Condition?

  • Tips From The Original Chinese Manufacture

As the owner of the game center or Family entertainer center. The keep point is to maintain the game machine and let them as the best condition. Good use of the coin op game machine not only help to ensure the game room running well but also provide the best play way for the customer.So how to keep the game machine good and what is the technical daily job? Please check as below:



It is the daily tool to test the voltage and resistance. Use for all of the multi game arcade machine, such as the toy claw crane machine andMultimeter basketball arcade game , also the arcade cabinet game .


Electric soldering iron:

  • It is use for soldering, welding and replacing components.
  • Electric soldering ironWrench and screwdriver, use to install and disassemble the game machine.
  • Suggest all game room prepare at least 1 set of the above tools. It is the essentials for retro game machines.

Daily maintain tips:

Tips 1: During use, all coin operation game machine are need to set up at the flat floor and keep stable to avoid the shaking. Otherwise, the metal spare parts or token will be fall into the PCB board to burn it. It is the basic notice for the game machine daily maintain.

Tips 2:Keep the good environment during the game machine working. Keep ventilated and dry. Use the cloth or brush to clear up the dust. If the air is too wet, it is easy to broken the game board or rust it. Especially the video game machine, once the game board broken, the game machine is dead.

Tips 3:Keep tidy for the game room. Pay special attention for the small animal. For example, the mouse. Once the game board wet by the animal body fluid, the machine will be dead.

Tips 4:Leave an eye for the voltage. Ensure the game machine working under the right voltage. Normally it will be Voltage110V-220V±10V as local voltage. If the voltage is lower than the requirement, the game view will be mix. Video game machine is the best, included the car racing game machine and gun shooting game machine. If the voltage is too higher, the power supply, scan board, transformer will be burn and the worst is to dead the main board.

Tips 5:Test the game machine main board connector voltage in regularly. Normally it will be between 4.8V to 5.3V.When the voltage is change by the potentiometer or component parameter changes, please use the power supply to adjust it. Too small or too higher are all will affect the use.

Tips 6: About all PCB arcade board. Please let them hang in the air. It must avoid to touch with the metal spare parts. Such as the screw.Use the anti-static film or anti-static foam to protect it.

Tips 7: The game machine must away from the high voltage and strong magnetic force things. Such as the electric lighter core will drive the main board lost control. And the worst is to broken the game board.

All of above are the tips for a game room technical. If you have more questions about the game machine use. Please contact Yuto Games. Except to provide the popular arcade game machine, still the professional engineer team assist to the technical support.