Arcade Game Machine LCD Fault Maintenance & Detection

At present, most of the large game machines are configured with a LCD. Once the LCD failure, the player can not continue to play the game, LCD is very important for large game machine, today here it brings video game LCD fault detection and maintenance.

There is no display on the LCD screen

  • It is a very simple fault. LCD power supply is divided into internal and external one. External power supply are common. No matter what kind of power supply, its structure is much simpler than the CRT display’s, some small components are vulnerable such as the fuse, input inductor, switch tube, voltage regulator diode and so on. A less common fault is a power failure caused by the CPU board. The principle is relatively simple, It works by the key-control board to the CPU, and the CPU outputing a control signal to drive power to convert integrated machine

The LCD screen turns off once it’s on, but the power indicator is always on:

  • This problem is generally caused by high voltage abnormality, the protection circuit is in action. Generally, The LCD screen is displayed through the oblique way to look at the screen. The main point of maintenance is to contrast repair method.
  • Because high voltage board of the LCD is designed symmetrically in normal case, the possibility of both sides being bad is almost non-existent.
  • Generally, the booster transformer and lamp tube in old machine are easy to go wrong. Protection circuit and workmanship in new machine are easy out of machine

LCD screen bright line or dark line

  • The problem is generally a fault of the LCD screen. Bright line fault is generally the cable connecting the LCD panel body out of work. Dark line is generally the screen body leakage, These two problems are basically no maintenance value to the machine, because the price of a screen is too high.

LCD pattern interference or white screen

  • It is generally fault in the driving voltage of the screen. If the driving circuit of the screen is on the board, then it should be the fault of the board. If the driving circuit of the screen is on the LCD screen, under normal circumstances, the screen should be changed, and the risk of maintenance is very big.

Incorrect colors when displayed

  • Generally, it can be adjusted by entering the maintenance adjustment mode.

Other relatively rare faultsgame machine

  • Interference:In different working modes, LCD may appear some interference, most of which is normal phenomenon, and a few are brought by the circuit. Because of the special production processing of LCD, it detected in the standard operating mode can be regarded as fault


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